Flypool no payout

Hello. I’m new to zcash mining and I set everything up yesterday using my gpu to mine on flypool. I let my both Pc’s mine for about 5 hrs but I can’t seem to get any payout for the work my Pc’s have done. Iset up my wallet but no u confirmed payouts etc. Any ideas?

Also how can I create an account?

you don’t create an account with flypool, you put in your t wallet info and mine away. Minimum payout is 0.01

Goto their website and enter in your wallet information in the top right corner, it will then tell you what you’ve mined and you can see how much more you need to go for the first payout

t-address. flypool does not accept z-addresses and you may lose your mining rewards if you attempt to do so.


Severe typo, fixed it!

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