Zcash flypool unpaid balance

My breaker tripped this morning while I was at work I went home on break to start up miners they have been running for the last 4 hours but my unpaid balance on the app hasn’t changed in 4 hours. Anyone else having this issue?

Its funny you write this, the other day my app went off and said one of my rigs was down… When I went to check it, everything was running full speed. I thought maybe a glitch, checked it again a few hours later, both app and flypool said rig was offline, went checked the rig again running full steam, I restarted the rig and 30 seconds later everything showed online.

I contacted fly pool who replied and said no issue on their end, must be the miner.

Nvidia rig? I’ve seen this. My rigs were hot, drawing power, but apparently mining thin air. My AMD rigs would always go cold when they stop mining.

That issue prompted me to write a watchdog script that restarts the miner in 30 seconds and logs the GPU that caused the problem.

AMD rig, and there was no error’s it was still hashing on all 7 cards

i’ve notice also that in their status page sometimes they are displaying offline while rig actually running well.
hopefully it’s just error in display part not actually effecting our shares

perhaps it still had a job it was working on, and lost connection to report back / get notice that that job has changed?

Best to implement monitoring from the pool side, drop all stats in influx with icinga to report if ther eare problems. Makes some nice graphs too :wink:

I don’t like to get on here every time I have a problem. I should’ve waited a few more hours. After I got home last night I went to the flypool website put I’m my address and kept refreshing it . It finally corrected itself and has been Working fine ever since. Maybe you were right about being stuck on a job .

btw, the website show OUTDATED info, use monitoring and the API for realtime info (!)