Flypool's EU servers are down (edited title)

I took a look at the hashrate of Flypool in the wake of NiceHash’s outage (whatever that turns out to be). Now, it seems that Flypool has trouble.

In the last hour, the flypool hashrate has dropped significantly to 87MH/s:

Even though my miners are setup with the correct address (and shows ongoing mining), the Flypool stat page for my address has dropped (my 6x1080Ti rig is not recognized as contributing shares, but my single 980 is still showing):

I have the same problem but I keep extracting it

According to the general stats graph, it looks like it is the EU servers that are affected. Could be an outage just like we saw a couple of weeks ago. Switching my miners to the US server for the time being to see if my hashrate recovers.

Edit: My GTX980 was already configured with the US server. Will explain why that miner was still contributing shares.

there are breakdowns on their provider

On u.s. my hashrate is way up Screenshot_2017-12-06-13-46-12

Yep, seems like a replay of the last EU outage. All EU miners should switch to a different server (US, Asia, China). Everybody still mining, enjoy the combined outage of Nicehash and Flypool. Will be interesting to see how difficulty will change!


And now my stats page won’t refresh either. So there is no way of knowing whether the switch worked (although I think it will). Does anybody else have trouble viewing their latest stats?

I just read about the twitter comments that all the servers are affected

Yes - everyone I think. US was okay for a while, but looks like they are affected too. I’m seeing shares being submitted and all looks to be fine on the mining side of things.

Just refreshed my stats page, and the last reading shows that my current hashrate is back around where it is supposed to be (after I switched to the US server).

US seams to work again.

Theyve reduced the fee to 0% for next 24h

ohh that what it was… :slight_smile: thx for informing