Nicehash is down

enjoy low diff network :slight_smile:

PS: bad day for pools jumpers …

for me $0.8 :slight_smile:

I like this flat graph :slight_smile:

Strange things happening today. Flypool’s total Zcash hashrate just crashed to 87MH/s. My miners are still working like nothing has happened, though.

Nicehash hack confirmed through official statement on Reddit:

Also a link to Reddit on their official twitter account:

Wow mining is profitable without Nicehash. Thanks to the guys that hacked them, it’s helping us miners

Thousands have just lost their little fortune?

Let us toast to the 10-20% extra coins and hope this scammy service never comes back up!

I’m grateful that this happend pretty early in the crypto world, one company having milions of gpu “under control” wasn’t a nice reality.