No confirmation

I have no confirmation for my transaction during 5 hours

pls, help

What is your tid?

I had the similar problem today.
What was you transaction fee here?

fee 0.0001

I still no confirmation (6 hours) . wtf?

Same thing, more than 12 hours.

Same problem, has been almost 6 hours no confirmation. And the txn isn’t even showing in block explorers.

However, I can see the place I am trying to transfer to is showing it as pending with 0/20 confirmations. So the transaction must be on the blockchain.

Fee: 0.0001 (default in zcash4win)

Txn Id: 88b6e6fd727223c0f35a7135daf666b0661b8a1f5845770630e85a55b9517741

Rest of the information regarding my transaction.

sending address: t1L2FHseAwovbzX48YxUUiW2ke917h1tc6d

amount -4.00000000
confirmations 0
details[0].account ""
details[0].address "t1cUuEDUZeUEWSLB1Tbv8jYsqwHUHLrfT7o"
details[0].amount -4.00000000
details[0].category "send"
details[0].fee -0.00010000
details[0].size 56862
details[0].vout 0
fee -0.00010000
hex Can’t post too big, see link
time 1506578401
timereceived 1506578401
txid “88b6e6fd727223c0f35a7135daf666b0661b8a1f5845770630e85a55b9517741”

i can’t find contacts of support zcash4win
Anybody knows how to contact support?

Here since only 1 hour and zero confirmation but normally it’s faster than that. Has any of you find a resolution to this problem? Did you finally get your funds transfered?

See my reply in this thread : 0 confirmation after 2.5 hours with 0.0001 fee

I have a transaction but it was nor credit yet, is more than 12 hours.

Someone can help me?

txid: b22f7e101421bebdd7131b0f67d4de599004de84a6a2dbcd4486016051ff9203