Build a 5 GPU mining rig for FREE


I have everything to build a rig, mobo, sever case, cpu, ram. The only expense is the graphics cards. I planning to buy 5x Nvidia GTX 1070s because the GTX 1080 does not come out well in price/performance comparison.

I could get a GTX 1070 from wholesaler for about 320Eur new with 3 years of warranty (which certainly will be needed if the cards are running 24/7 mining coins) so with the pcie extending cables we talking about a ~ 1700 Eur investment.

I have the money to buy these already but here comes the fun part I want to build this rig 4 FREE because as we all know "the best things in life are free" :slight_smile:

So my idea would be to buy a certain amount of ZC/Bitcoin/Etherum etc. wait until they go up in price to a point where I make a profit to buy the cards and then sell it.

Would Zcash be able to go up that much in the next 2 month to make my investment worthy already? About bitcoin I doubt that it will fall back under 1K and it is just too risky to buy now.

For those who are experienced buyer/sellers here: which are the current exchanges where it's worth to do it (no hidden fees, no fraud)?

Would it be worth buying bitcoins on and then convert them to Zcash?

Could have done that last week, it was 4 days in a row where zcash was down to ~250 and then up to ~330 , next day same thing.

you could have made 2-3 cards easy :slight_smile: