Getting 230 H/s @ 55W (GPU Only) Like A Boss

So, I was able to get my HD 7950 stable @ 825mV mining away at 230H/s :sunglasses:. Holy crap, according to GPU-Z (VDDC x VDDC Current) the GPU only power draw is around 55W. That’s crazy! I didn’t even know that was possible. I have 4 cards on this rig but this one is #2 on Claymore and #3 on Afterburner. Check out this ASIC quality though.


Moral of the story is undervolt your cards! Low temps, low power, it’s awesome. Good luck my friends and I’d be interested to see if anyone can get a card lower than 825mV.

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That’s not possible. Buy yourself a watt-meter and get back to us with some real measurements from the wall.

Spoiler: you’re pulling more than 150W with a HD 7950. GPU-Z isn’t giving you the full picture.

Second this. Interesting none less

that is impossible. the internet would collapse if you prove us it is true. pls check with a wattmeter.

So I tested the rig by unplugging all GPUs completely from the motherboard and power supply. Here’s that wattage:

Then I plugged in the 7950 in question and started mining equihash on it. Here’s that reading:

So really, it’s more like 110W in total. It still seems entirely reasonable to me that the GPU only would be around 55W.
@mmx less than 150W :sunglasses:

So i checked the power consumption on my Sapphire R9 280x and it shows something similar to yours. The monitor is pluigged into the VGA port on the mobo and the GPU is connected in te PCI-E slot number 7 with a USB3 riser. I can’t see the temps nor can i see the other settings ( voltage, frequencies etc) in MSI Afterburner and GPU-Z. In order to see these i must have the monitor plugged into the GPU , right ? well i tried to plug it into the GPU but it won’t provide video signal . I don’t know why , though on mining it works.

Well your VDDC is hardly close to mine, but yes you have to have a monitor plugged into at least 1 of your AMD cards for it to load the settings and such. I have a similar issue, I can’t just plug in a random card and it will work, only 1 of my cards will output a signal to the display. I just had to go through each one testing it. I have no idea what causes this, but try it out and see what happens.

178.2 W - 62.4 W = 115.8 W and that is your 7950 wattage

I agree it was below 150 W, but not 55 W. Where did you find 55 W as you stated?

It’s because GPU-Z shows VDDC as 55W. However, it also clearly states that it is literally the GPU processor and not the whole of the card’s wattage.

that just a theory, in reality your gpu draw around 115 W electricity

I’m not disagreeing. I’m just saying that’s where he got that reading from. :slight_smile:

so i tried and failed and tried again and so far this is the best result . tell me what you think .

This is my Sapphire HD 7970 Dual-X . I tried to undervolt like you at 825 but windows crashed .the tried 900 but Claymore showed 0.0 H/s after few seconds from start. Though i don’t understand why in afterburner in the right window the GPU core clock and memory clock are different from what i applied in the left window.

And this is the power usage

I clearly said in the post that it was “GPU only” power draw.

Pretty good, enjoy the low power!