Are my cards drunk? 7970 > rx 570?

Okay I have my rx 570 doing about 270 sol/s

But my 5 year old 7970 (Not even GHz edition) running at stock does about 290 sol/s?

Should I just buy a bunch of 7970/280x for $80 like wtf?

It’s not just about the Sol/s. Take a look at how much electricity they’re both burning. Your 570 probably has a much higher Sol/W which makes it more profitable than your 7970. The 570 sits around 120W if I remember correctly while the 7970 burns 250W.

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Yeh, got it, traded those RX 570s up for a 1080 which is getting me about 550 sol/s

7970 is closer to 180W I have it undervolted a bit and power limit to 85%

7970 are actually good cards for Zcash if your electricity cost is low then it’s a really cheap way of getting hashpower!