Getting ready for launch

Hi there,
I have the standard zcash miner up and running compiled on Ubuntu from src. All good there -

I noticed that tromps solver has been intergrated into a fork of zcash by Sarath.

Looks faster but a few questions I can’t seem to answer:

  1. is this ‘standalone’ miner (as that person calls it) a full copy of the zcash application? (i.e. if I git clone it, build it and run it, is it all I need? - or do I also need a vanilla build of zcash installed too).
  2. is the vanilla miner gonna be updated with the best open source miner prior to launch (so that the standard build of zcash contains a decent miner?
  3. anyone have a quick way to make a wallet without installing zcash?

tromp’s solver is being integrated into the official full zcash client for the rc2 (Release Candidate 2) version that is supposed to drop today (or tomorrow? :slight_smile: they are busy bees right now over at zcashco)


Tromp solver integration changes in my fork are integrated into zcash official build.
Build official zcash and start your daemon with following option.


Or add same line without - into your zcash.conf file.


Incidentally, have the latest Tromp’s optimisations been included in the official build?

but that’s just in master/HEAD right now though, isn’t it? if people are following the beta guide, they won’t have that code until rc2 drops

What’s the difference between a “standalone miner” vs a regular build of zcash?