How to use Tromp solver


can someone please explain how to use the tromp solver with RC2?
I know there is a configuration like equihashsolver=tromp but how do I get the files from tromps github repo into the RC2 repo?


They are already implemented. Just compile RC2 like you would normally,


in your config file and run ~/zcash/./src/zcashd

you should get stats in under a minute on how fast your running/mining

cool…didn´t get that.
Is there any mining software (win or linux) which use tromp solver as well?
currently I only get high sol/s with nicehash miner. BTW I am testing CPU mining.


Tromp solvers seem to be the fastest, Nicehash is currently implementing Xenoncat improvements with Tromp solvers which my guess will be around 50%+ increase in Sol/s.

Fastest opensource GPU miner if you have any GPUs that is, would be

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Just out :slight_smile:

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got it…thanks :sunglasses: