Gitcoin / Quadratic Funding (Introducing Kevin Owocki)

Thanks for submitting this Kevin; as with others in the community I’ve followed along Gitcoin’s progress with great interest. Both the ECC and Zcash Foundation contributed directly to Gitcoin for the Blake precompile grant last year, though not in the manner you’re describing here; instead it was a direct grant for specific work.

And that’s what the Zcash Foundation generally likes to fund — direct grants for specific work. While this a cool concept, based on previous experience with our grant platform we are skeptical of broad participatory interest. We previously had crowdfunding in our platform, but we removed it after lack of interest from the community; I don’t have the exact numbers off hand but it was less than a dozen crowd-funded contributors, with an average of less than 1 ZEC, even with the Foundation offering to match funds alongside additional bounties (though not with Gitcoin’s sophistication).

Consequently the Foundation probably wouldn’t fund this. That said, once the Major Grant Review Committee is formed, it may be very interested in this avenue for crowd-funded augmentation of their dev fund slice starting in November — would be really interesting to see the MGRC (a community-selected body) augment crowd-funding in a community-driven, community-matched mechanism.

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