Good afternoon.. Anyone using 1070 Founders ED. in 6 cpu rig?

I have 6 Founders Edition GPUs I was going to mine either Zecash or ETH with. Currently I have one rig I purchased to do ETH but now I want to build my own.

Are there any start to finish guides for a complete noob to do this? Like what bios to use, recommended settings, etc?

Has anyone done a 6 GPU rig of Nvidia 1070 FE cards? What was the power usage? MH/s Sols? I have seen videos of someone that has gotten 30 mh/s out of 1070s at below 100 watts. I found that hard to believe or he hit the lottery with the cards lol…

Any help appreciated.

Well then… Guess no one is using these cards to mine… =/

Well a single 1070 gets around 400-415 Sol/s mining Zcash. A fairly minor overclock and knocking the power down to around 80% will yield you around 470-490 Sol/s. All of that information is found right here in these forums. The FE version of these cards are a bit harder to keep cool though but nothing really changes between regular GPU’s or their FE versions. So there’s no special difference.

There are also a ton of guides to getting multiple GPU’s set up here and all over the Internet. Again, nothing special about what you’re looking to do that it require a super secret guide. On that note, you haven’t mentioned which hardware you have besides your GPU’s (no brand of those either) so you’re not likely to get any direction since we have no idea where to direct you :wink:

Well the basic hardware setup as you would say. From my understanding the motherboard/HD/Memory etc should not be an issue since it’s all basic right?

And none of the guides I found had Founders Ed Cards with bios used. Settings to start at etc… But that is fine, ill take it to another forum to find help. Thanks

FE cards aren’t different than any other GPU so don’t focus on the fact that your cards are FE. Look for any information on the 1070 card in general.

Okay… I was just going on the generalization you made lmao… :slight_smile:


I guess the only thing that really matters is the board right?

PSU: EVGA 1300
4gb Fury Memory
Intel BX80677G3930 7th Gen Celeron Desktop Processors
MSI Performance Gaming Intel Z170A LGA 1151 DDR4 USB 3.1 ATX Motherboard
Toshiba 120gb SSD
6 Nvidia GTX 1070 FE

Just would like to know how to OC these.
If there is a bios for them, etc… I have seen steps for other cards but all AMD.

Well that and how low I can get the power. As I have seen “claims” without photos or any steps of 100 watts and slightly below with 30 mhs

Overclocking for the 1070’s can be done with software like MSI Afterburner. There’s a thread here with some specific tweaks you could try. I can’t find the exact post at the moment. I’ll post it if I get a chance later.

I’m currently running a 1070 at 80% power and getting around 480 Sol/s. As for your motherboard, there have been some issues with the Z170’s getting more than 4-5 GPU’s running, however there are numerous guides online with detailed instruction on how to get past that issue. Sometimes the CPU plays a part in that as well.

Some threads to get you started:

Either way you look at it, you’re in for a lot of reading. :wink:

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Oh christ… didn’t know there were issues with that board… ill read when I get home lmao