GPU Hash Rate .. is mine too low?

Hello, got my zcash rig up and running, my total hash rate is 550h/s which seems low to me.
Using 2 Radeon RX570 8 gig, overclocking with the afterburner software did not help much.

Looks right according to whattomine. 2x570 gives 520h/s.

Thanks for the reply Sprucemoose, time to look around for a few more cards :slight_smile:

If you are primarily looking to mine Zcash, I believe the nVidia cards are better than the AMD (in general). GTX 1060s and 1070s are popular because of power efficiency, but it all depends on what prices you get when GPU shopping. Iā€™m currently mining with 8x 1080Ti and getting a total of 5700sol/s. Good luck!

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