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I noticed that GPU_Mining is deleting all their posts in the forum - even utterly benign ones. As a regular poster at best this is annoying as conversations and discussions are lost and at worst suspicious. Anyone using their service as this seems like pretty curious behaviour from someone with a vested interest in promoting Zcash.

Their site has been offering 1 million H/s contracts for a while now which given the difficult task of sourcing GPUs I’d question their ability to be able to deliver upon.


I’m glad this has been brought up. For the last week I’ve been watching this behavior and thought it was a little off. Not sure what’s going on but it has definitely been annoying watching old threads appear in the Latest listing due to the deleting of their posts.

Their last post seems to be July 11th. At first I suspected perhaps someone else had taken over and may have been cleaning up some of the posts as they could be misconstrued as the opinions of the company, but I suspect something else is going on.


On thier Facebook page they mentioned in July that they were working on something big. But no later post mentions what it is. Interesting.

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Daily balance transfers from as little as 0.0001 ZEC

How is that even possible?

The main investor of he is a plastic surgeon lol

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Hi guys

We lost interest in this forum as far too many discussions turned into finger-pointing and attacks. We were on this forum as a company since the early days and have contributed to a large number of discussions. While our posts were always intended to share knowledge or help the community, responses were in our opinion too often aggressive. We feel that it does not add any value to our company and we have to concentrate on more constructive efforts.

I myself, Laszlo, will remain on this forum as a personal contributor. I like the community and I will continue participating out of personal interest, though not as a representative of GPU Hosting.

To respond to the comments made here:

  • I am deleting all posts before canceling this account. I will then open a personal account. Or convert this one, if possible.

  • we have our sources for GPUs and while it has certainly become a tough battle sourcing what we want, we are able to source what we need. We satisfy customer demands though grow slower than we would like to. Hopefully graphics cards and their memory chips (the real bottleneck) will soon be available in larger quantities again.

  • Charles, who is a plastic surgeon, is an invaluable part of our company. Jonathan is our hardware and hosting specialist (over 16 years in that field), I am the software and business specialist (about 17 years in that field), and Charles is our investment specialist (I never met anyone with such a solid network of ultra high net worth individuals - UHNWI). Together we have proven to be a great and successful team.

  • not sure what the question regarding balance transfers means. When an account earns for example 2.65782 ZEC in a day, we transfer 2.65782 ZEC to the customer wallet. If an account only earns 0.00002 ZEC in a day, we wait until it reaches 0.0001 ZEC before we make a transfer. We have to limit transfer sizes for various reasons. Granted, this is a relict from the early days where we offered small contracts and does not apply to new contracts. As we have however sold one-year and two-year contracts with small hashrates, we keep that on our site for our early customers.

I hope this clarifies.

Sorry for belittling Charles, I don’t know him and not judging him as a person. Just wanted to point out that main investor (at least, i percieve it this way) is someone that hasn’t any IT degrees on his back, I personally find a company more appealing if everyone behind knows what’s truly going on, even an investor.

Just looked in to it and, again, my bad. Actually minimun transfer of ZEC is 0.0001 so being able to payout 0.0001 is correct.
All pools i’ve mined to (and still mine) have a minimun of 0.01 payout and I thought it was due to zcashes minimun being that value or a little less. Wasn’t expecting these veeeery low values (found information here:

Anyways I share same thoughts on how many people posting here are simply too aggressive. It’s normal to not agree on something, heck, maybe even on everything, but there is no excuse for not bringing respect. People that attack you instead of teaching you or others that won’t accept your point of view.

Hope to see you in the forums Laszlo, I’m sure you’ve got some serious knowledge and useful know-how to share!

He DOES know what is going on, in the world of investors. Better than anyone else I know. In the world of the ultra-rich who invest multiple million dollars easily, it is incredibly important to have someone who speaks their language and has their respect.

Thank you for your words of understanding. I personally have a thick skin and do not mind when a friendly post is met with misunderstanding. No worries for me, as everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However, for a business this can create negative energy and we have to distance ourselves from that.

You will see me around for sure. I love the Zcash community and still believe that ZEC will be one of the top 5 digital assets in the long run. Especially because I think Zooko and his developers are amongst the top of the blockchain world. And even though the currently low price is not very encouraging, I believe this is only temporary.

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Thanks for offering up an explanation.

While I don’t agree there’s an issue with the community at large, there are definitely a few passive-aggressive users who certainly bring out toxicity in others. There are a few hypocrites as well which only adds to that toxicity.

That being said, I’m wondering if there’s perhaps a more subtle way to go about moving to a personal account. Have you been in contact with the mods? @Shawn @daira might be able to assist in transitioning rather than littering the front page with old threads and the suspicion of sketchiness. :slight_smile:

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@GPU_Mining has already been in contact with us. The way the forum is configured I cannot delete “all posts” as a batch if they are over 60days old, they have to be hidden from public view manually, one by one.
If Lazlo feels compelled to hide posts that is his call to make. He is also free to create a new account if he wants to.

@GPU_Mining if you do create a personal account feel free to PM me when you do and I will bump you back to “Regular” member and close your old account.


Thanks Shawn. :slight_smile: (20 char)

Thanks for the replies. It’s certainly damn annoying to have loads of threads like this Hello there and there and everywhere and a lot of useful conversation has been lost.


Cheers, @Shawn!
I was wondering what I could do. :slight_smile:

I agree, though I cannot delete threads I started, I can only modify them. I can delete posts, though there are daily limits. I am sorry for annoying the heck out of everyone and promise to add a lot of value once I have my personal account. For now, I need to close the business account and go about this as quickly as I can.

Sure, understood. Why the insistence on deleting them though out of interest why not just let them be and start a new account?

Because some of the posts have resulted in discussions that we believe could be harmful to our business. Since we do not have time to re-read all conversations, it is easier to just delete them all.

Well this thread isn’t going to make a whole lot of sense when those replies are gone too :disappointed:

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At the current rate, we should be done with removing our corporate account by the end of this week. Thank you for your understanding while we are cluttering the forum with updates that add no value at all. It will be over very soon.

Good news - we finished removing all old postings and withdrawing threads that could not be deleted. Thank you all for your patience while we were working around the way this system is designed. I will now transitioning to a personal account and continue posting from there. Have a great weekend, guys!

For transparency sake, just wanted to give y’all a heads up that the account that was once named @GPU_Mining has been renamed to @Laszlo for their personal use.

I do find the deleting of posts to be slightly annoying so I’d prefer others not do this especially for informative posts. For example, there was at least 1 topic that the user support team at ZcashCo was discussing which got wiped by @Laszlo and as a result we could no longer help.

Overall, I don’t know how I feel about this practice. It’s certainly not scalable because I had to manually change account names since only admins can do that. It’s not against the guidelines which is why I opted to help change the username but it’s also not good practice for an open discussion forum.


Thank you, @paige!

I agree, this is also not something we wanted to do, and I am personally saddened because I enjoyed the discussions. However, from a business point of view the responses were damaging, which is why we decided to not have our corporate voice on this forum.

I will continue posting and contributing under my personal name going forward.


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