GPU Riser

Very new to this and trying to get my V6 riser rig to work.
First basic question, does the Graphics card need to be one that takes a direct power supply? I have one which is just powered by the PCIe slot and the fan spins up fine however I just can’t get it to register on my PC that there’s a graphics card there.
The riser is powered by an old PC power supply, using the SATA converter but I’ve seen a post saying just go straight to Molex. Will do that.
Any help appreciated.

yes gpu needs to be connected to a psu. the fans will spin if connected to the pcie slot (via riser) but the gpu will not operate properly unless connected to a psu.

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The graphics card I’m testing this with doesn’t take a direct power supply, does this mean you can’t use these types of cards and you must use a card that takes a direct power supply?

To end this confusion, what GPU do you have ?

AMD or Nvidia ?
After that, what model is it ?
For example a Nvidia GTX 1050 4 gb or something like that.
If it doesn’t have it’s own power, it may be a GPU that’s to old.

But just some more info would be nice, otherwise it will be hard to try to solve your problem :wink:

Sounds like a driver issue, assuming it’s getting power than the computer doesn’t have the driver to recognize it
In windows/hardware properties, scan for Hardware changes, if that doesn’t work use DDU to uninstall the existing driver and reboot to safe mode, reinstall the driver

Are they any of these?