Mining Cards ! No connection to power!

I can mine with this card CERBERUS-GTX1050TI-A4G ? Does not have power connection !

it gets its power from the motherboard or riser

Of risers, how to get energy from the risers?
it’s 12 x 1050 ti

you plug the GPU into the riser, you plug whatever type of power type the riser requires to it.
hopefully its a molex or 6 pin

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Yeah only use Molex or 6pin directly to the riser to power those cards. Since the cards get all of its power from the riser the sata connections are definitely not safe. They have a 54 watt max. If you do use sata, Don’t even think of powering 2 of these cards per cable of you want to avoid big problems.

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it power stable? with 6 pin?

6 pin or Molex direct to the riser is safest for those cards as they get all their power from the pci slot

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