GPU not working after plug in on riser


I started to build a minning rig. After i get all necessary hardwares, i tried to put my first gpu over a riser ( ). Now, when i turn on my pc, the gpu fans starts working but stops a little latter and the gpu dont display any image.

I tried to take riser off and put gpu directly on motherboard and the result is the same. Even in another pc the result is the same.

Are my gpu burned? Someone experienced the same problem? Have solution?

Can you post a picture of the graphic card connected in rig?

@dmasnikosa Sure. I gonna make that when i get in home ( in work right now ).

@dmasnikosa im a new user, so i can only upload one image. As you can see, i have a molex + usb on riser, the usb from riser go to motherboard pci and i have one 6pin on my gpu ( pny 1060 6gb requires only one 6 pin ).

When i try to turn on pc with the gpu on motherboard, the gpu fans starts working but stops a little later. In the riser, the fan stay spinning, but the gpu dont display images or are identified by the system.

The linux command lspci not list the gpu.

Obs: In this picture i put the monitor cable in motherboard dvi output to try the lspci command, but this is not the problem.

Can you enter the bios? Try changing primary graphic from integrated to pci? Change the pci gen to gen 1?

What is BIOS set up should be for 3 AND GPU’S?

Connect hdmi,dvi,vga… or whatever connection you got for monitor,screen,tv,take out the battery from mobo,be sure to previously disconnect the power,wait 15-20 sec . ,put battery back,turn the rig on. After all that,is gpu showing pic?

@dmasnikosa its already with the correct configuration


. Tried to remove the motherboard battery and put it again after a while, didnt work.

. Tried to put the gpu in another pc ( from where i removed the gpu on first place ), the result is the same. ( ps. before the riser thing, this gpu was used on this pc with no problems ).

. Tried another riser ( i bought 8 for start the rig ) and the usb cable starts to melt.

Considering that i dont bought any gpu, i think im gonna just forget about that and use the pieces for build another pc ( and get another gpu for my main pc ahuahhahua ).

I replace the battery, did not help.I connected old VGA cable to motherboard and the screen is visible. Windows 10 updates again and mested up all my AMD drivers. Do not know how to stop this automatic update in Windows 10.