Help miner won't show display with risers

Help guys I’m going nuts over here. The rig runs fine off one gpu attached directly to 16x slot, however I get no display when using a riser. My mobo is a biostatistics h110m-btc

Biostar h110m-btc sorry for the typo

did the second gpu works well in 16x slot ? …if yes considered that the riser isnt good ?

Thanks for the reply I’ve tried 5 risers no show a display. I have 3 gpu if I plug any of them in directly to the mobo it runs fine. If I put any on a rider I get no display signal to the monitor. Everything is connected correctly also

well i never runn the gpu on the riser with monitor TBH but when u keep 1 gpu in motherboard and the other 2 u put thru riser are they recognized by the PC ort not

When I keep one connected to mobo and I connect the other two by a riser the device manager shows 2 gpu not three, but if I take out the 3rd and have 2 only 1 gpu shows

did u enable the 4g decoding and st the pcie port to gen 1 or gen 2 in bios

i just reset bios I’ll go in and try

Ok I disabled internal graphics I have primary display set to auto… above 4gb mmio bios assignment set to enabled all pci e speeds set to gen 2

Only 1 gpu is showing

so I can see the slots are in use in bios the pci e slots say present on the slots in use and not present on the others. However still only 1 gpu in device manager. And If I connect them all with a riser I get no signal at all

are you running bio ver. H111RB29.BSS ??

Have you plugged the additional molex power connections into the mobo?

have you tried different slots?

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I’ve tried every slot and I have the power for the pci express ports plugged in also

I’m running latest bios also

So it hasn’t been asked,and I should have in my first post, what is your PSU?

It’s a 750 w evga psu

so, you have two gpu’s (at least)

Leave one directly connected to the motherboard (we know that works)

Connect the second to the via riser. (make you sure power the riser, and power the gpu)

does the o/s see the second card? if no

try different slots and risers leaving the one GPU directly connected to the mobo. It is very possible that you have a completely bad batch of risers. If the GPU’s work when directly connected but not a single one of them work when connected to the risers to me = bad risers

So u think all 5 risers are bad??? I’ll try them at a friends house

I would double check that you have all of the power going to the right places. (Make sure you have power to the riser and to the GPU)

Ok, guys so I got a new riser in the mail and it worked!!! I really did get 5 bad Risers… wow!!!

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