1080ti mining rig problems with power

Hi all,

Long time listener first time caller. I have a rig running two 1080 ti’s right now

Celeron processor
4gb ram
250gb ssd
Z170 motherboard
1600 watt titanium evga ps
Windows ten

When I plug in a third gpu it lights up and fans spin (sata connect) but when I plug in vga i can’t turn the computer on. I would think 1600w is enough power. Maybe too much for the electrical outlet itself? Any help appreciated thanks!

Solo sata power? ie not sharing it with another riser.
have you tested that gpu in a different slot to make sure its not the card?

Unless you are popping the breaker, it’s not an outlet issue, and yes 1600w is more than enough to power 3 1080ti’s

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No not sharing any power cords. When we crank the computer up with just two GPU’s and the sata only on the third it comes on and lights up. But when we stick real power to it as well as sata the rig won’t even power up. And this is with a titanium 1600w ps

These may seem like very basic, why is he asking these, but I’m not there, you are and i’m trying to get a complete picture.

If everything works with two gpu’s and you add the third and then the system will not even boot/ power up? yes or no

When you hit the power button are there any beeps from the motherboard stating that it cleared posting? yes or no

No screen showing on the monitor? yes or no

Its booting, but seems to hang/stuck and after a couple minutes I just turn it off ? yes or no

Have you removed one of the gpu’s and placed the 3rd in its place to make sure it works? yes or no ?

Have you tried different power cables from the psu to the gpu?

Is your PSU new or used?
Do you have a wattmeter to see how much you are pulling from the wall?

IMO what you describe sounds like you have a ground short when you connect the 3rd gpu, what is causing this I’m not sure

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I had a similar issue on my computer when adding my second 1080 ti. One of the evga vables is an 8 pin and will fit into the gpu, but plugs into the cpu slot in the powersupply. I tried using that one, since it “fit” but experienced the same issue as your describing. Are you positive your using the vga input on the psu and not the cpu?

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So it turns out the slot that my little brother was plugging the VGA power into was actually a SATA slot do you think this could be the cause of the issue I’m assuming so

more than likely yes

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Will a titanium 1600w from evga power four 1080 tis?

Yes with no issues what so ever.

250 watts x 4 is 1000 watts
150 watts for system power

total watts 1150, easy enough for your PSU
Now…what outlet do you have that plugged into, is it a 20 + amp breaker?
15 amps is 1500 watts, max load is 80% so 1200 watts
20 amps is 2000 watts, max load is 80% so 1600 watts

at 1100 watts, if you have a 15 amp breaker its not big enough.

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We have four running now off power. Apparently we have 20 amp breakers. Three plugged in run fine and mine, however when we plug in the fourth gpu it doesn’t go past the bios. Ideas?

Plug the monitor into that gpu and respond with results

Hi, I’ve got a question for my rig. Currently running 7 x GPU drawing 750w from single PSU.
Is it safe to add another 2x 1070 to my rig which will add around 100w each, so total would be around 950w?

3x 1070ti
4x 1070
ASrock H110 BTC Pro
Corsair HX1200i PSU


Plugged monitor into fourth gpu and nothing happens. It’s getting power but the screen doesn’t turn on :rage:

Does it work with one gpu and not another? Or does the same behavior occur when you add a 4th, regardless of which one

It doesn’t matter which particular gpu, it’s just any fourth unit. I have
an extra motherboard and ram stick. I’m considering just spending a little
cash on a cheap processor and psu and putting it in a second rig just to
avoid the trouble.

It sounds like a psu issue. As i said before, i had this same issue when i used the wrong cable, even though it fit in both my gpu and psu. It cannot go in a sata or cpu port. It has to be a vga/pci port on the psu

If a cable has 2 × 6+2 connectors on it, they can both be connected to 1 gpu. This is the reason i used the cpu connector. I didnt think i could do that. Just an fyi, if maybe your in the same boat