Problems with GTX 1080ti

Hello, I’have only about 2 month mining and last week I had a problem.
I just wanted to see if someone can help me please. Bear in mind, I’m not a pc-pro.

I purchased a new GPU (EVGA GTX1080ti SC Black Edition) and a PSU (EVGA 750BQ) to go with my old PC.
Did a clean fresh WIN 10 install.

Everything went fine for the first 6 week but after I did turn-off the PC, the day after it started to reset by itself constantly.
After 4-5 hours of mining the pc restarted alone. No sound no nothing. In the mean time purchased a set of GPU risers, so I wanted to try them. At this point I checked the termal paste.

When I did turn on the PC with the riser pluged (molex to 6pin) everything was ok. No motherboard sound, HMDI signal fine to the monitor but the moment I opened the bat file it started to make a loud and continuos Beep and when I closed the program it stoped.

I removed the reiser and connected the GPU directly to the 1x16 slot as it was originally and it did the same thing.

I tryed with 2 differents motherboards, and nothing changed.

Reading throug the internet, I was hopping that it was the PSU (even as new) so I replaced it today with a CoolerMaster 550w I bougth a few years back, but it made the same noise again and again. With or without riser.

How can I check what’s wrong ? It could be the GPU ?
I don’t understand why it is making this even if I take it to the first configuration that worked really fine (620/750 sol/s) at my very first attemp for 6 weeks long.

Thanks in advance for your time and help.

how are you powering the EVGA GTX1080ti SC Black Edition

With the 8pin + 6pin connector directly from the PSU.
I tryed to change it with another 8+6 pin but to the VGA and Periferial connection on the PSU.

It was the same.

im not entirely sure but it could be the psu…
what cpu you got running, are you using a stock cpu cooler?
what motherboard etc…?

What do you mean that you checked the thermal paste? on what? the GPU or the CPU

if 1 beep its - video card
if 2 to 3 beeps - RAM
if it beeps continuously - its the processor

I tried 4 diferent settings:

  1. the original (which worked fine) was with: EVGA 750w PSU + Gigabyte GA-880GM-USB3 motherboard + AMD Athlon II +2GG ram.
  2. An old IBM Core Duo with the riser and the same EVGA 750w PSU.
  3. Another Gigabyte GA-770T-USB3 motherboard + AMD Athlon III with + EVGA 750w PSU
  4. the original setup + CoolerMaster 550w that worked with the GA-770T as my home pc with any kind of problem.

What remain the same was the 1080ti and the hard-drive with the brand new Win10 that worked fine.
And the beep is loud and continuos one that start and end when you start/close the miner.

For termal-paste I was refering to the CPU, as it was never changed after 5-6 years and seeing that now the computer was on for 24/7 and restarting itself.

It is not as it is suffering for coil whine nor similar, but if I did connect something wrong it shouldn’t even work or passing signal to the monitor right ?

I don’t have any 3rd PSU to check, but was hoping that changing it for the old one, it would stop beeping.

How can I check if there is something wrong with the GPU ? Could it been damage by some kind of static electricity ?

thanks to all 3 of you.

i had a similar experience , luckily i have 11 rigs so i had the chance to borrow a part from one to confirm what is wrong. Powersupply was the issue, if you havent tried that then you should give it a go.

I tried with 2 different PSU and was the same.

If I should purchase another PSU what would you recomend ? Seen that the one i bought didn’t last 2 months.
I don’t plan to go with 6 GPU, but it’s on the way a RX580.

I was looking to buy the: Corsair Builder Series CX750M / Cooler Master G750M

maybe dont get a bronze power supply… i mean they technically should work but id recommend a gold at least.

even in the case I plan to undervolt them to 60% ?


Well, I took the GPU to a friend’s house and instaled it on his computer and it worked fine. I asked him if I could borrow his PSU and test the mining rig in my office, he agreed and when I changed the PSU in the office the computer started to make the same noice !!! I couldn’t belevie it.

At this point, the only thing that cross my mind was “the electricity plug has to be the problem (in some way)”. I connected the mining rig directly to the wall avoiding the surge protection we have, and the problem was solved.

Thanks to all who tried to help !

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