GTX 980 faster than GTX 980 Ti?

I have a rig with a GTX 980 (GM204, clocked at 1190/3004) in slot 0 and GTX 980 Ti (GM200, clocked at 1392/3304) in slot 1 mining with EWBF. Strangely enough it appears the regular 980 is mining faster, averaging 470 sol/sec whereas the Ti is mining at 290 sol/sec. I’m not sure if it’s a config issue or a EWBF gpu slot utilization issue.
I tested the Ti by itself in another rig and was getting 470+ sol/sec.
Both are at 80 degrees constant. both at 100% utilization.

Not sure what to make of this, ideas?

When you run the 980 solo, what are you getting?

If you are getting 470 from the 980 after testing, then I would run DDU in safemode for a fresh install of Nvidia drivers.

Also, running your GPU’s at 80c is not best practice, IMO around 75c should be your max temp

Good Luck

I just noticed that EWBF detects the Ti as device 0 despite it being gpu 1 in pcie slot 1 so the numbers are reversed. I thought perhaps my power supply at 850W wasn’t enough, but checking power consumption it’s about 430W. Whenever I’ve tried throttling the temp to lower than 80, the GPU stalls became significant and greatly reduce the speed. I’m guessing the correct way to throttle the temp is to just get a better cooling solution.

All mining software see’s the first GPU as GPU 0, then GPU 1, etc.

Control temp through afterburner

Great idea to use Afterburner to control temp instead, will try that. I can confirm indeed it it reversed.


Or bump up /manual control/ the Fan speed % - if you have the option and don’t mind the noise, see if that makes a difference.