Anyone managed to get gtx 980 Ti mining? Mining thread quit

I have the exact same miner on my AMD machine using 2x hd 7950’s, working fine with genoils miner, i downloaded it for my other computer, gtx 980 Ti FTW, to test what rates im getting but i constantly get mining thread quit? any ideas.

i am just using the nheqminer v0.3a suprnova’s edit with normal config works at 22 sol’s

yeah but thats only for CPU no?

no in your config you need to put the -cd 0 command
-cd 0 1 for 2 cards
-cd 0 1 2 for 3

works for me already mining for 3 days since tromps cuda support was out
even the r280x is working fine with this version bit slow tho only 9~10 each.
for the amd card it the -od command tho

I use 3 980ti’s

hope that helps
can use v3 on other pools

thank you appreciated!