980 Ti FTW with i7 4790k help wanted :)

so im running the miners on my gaming rig, while i sleep, but right now i need to run 2 copys of nheqminer (nicehash i think) because nvidia and windows. my rates really suck, 36 sols on my gtx 980Ti FTW and on my i7 4790k only 8 sols, the sols on my CPU go up when not using the GPU miner, is there anything i can do to improve this?

nope , unless someone optimise opencl miner for nvidia use , or write cuda miner

I recommend to wait for miner’s contest is over and we have, as far as I think very good implementations for both CPU and GPU. Consider beginning of December.

nvidia sols is ok (sorry to dissapoint), but cpu you should have more than 26, paste your command line what you use to run miners