Has anyone tried Changelly?

Has anyone used Changelly? I like to try but like to hear from someone or two that have used it.

I’ve used it for nearly all of my conversions that I want to happen immediately. It works well.

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Thank you. I searched google and youtube and saw a lot of complaints. What are the fees?

I know how to use google. But you don’t always get the answer.

@chucky732 I’ve used it two or three times, but I don’t like that you start the conversion and if suddenly the price drop you change rate will be lower. I prefer to have the money on an exchange site and sell it when I want

I switched a few months back. Very smooth operation, fast, reliable. Never had any issues. Better than changely IMHO.

No Good. Shapeshift “y” is BANNED in New York!! And other states.

True. New York State, Washington state and North Korea. Interesting read as to why. Encourage you to research. Especially considering the ZEC mindset. Freedom from prying eyes anyone?

What do you mean? Changelly is allowed in NewYork state. But Shapeshifty isn’t, there Banned. Why is that?

I tried both shapeshift and changelly.
They have different conversion rates for each pair of currencies, so it really depends.
Both services were fast and easy to use.

no bueno! On my behalf shapeshift has terrible changing rate.

Changelly is a great service for selling during spikes, usually when price spikes blocks take more time to mine, so if you don’t have your coins on an exchange, changelly can be a good alternative in an “i gotta sell quick” situation…

In any case, changelly doesn’t have the best exchange rate and service fee is pretty high, so I wouldn’t suggest to use it on a regular base, exchanges have the best rates and you have more options availble for selling at the price desired…