What are I and Sols?

I’m just curious about what they mean as far as hashrates go?

I am curious to know aswell.

All you really need to know is 1 Hash per second (1 H/s) is equal to 1 Solution per second (1 Sol/s)

You can see your Sol/s when mining on the default client so long as you use the -showmetrics flag or add showmetrics=1 to your config.

The you can see the global hashrate e.g. here https://explorer.zcha.in/

If you want to know more I advise you to check out the equihash proof of work as we are really talking about finding solutions to a problem but as hashrate is used widely for crypto mining it has kind of stuck.

Awesome, thanks! I was curious because when I started using my GPU my I/s jumped up 20 fold but my sol/s only increased by 3. Any idea what the I/s is actually measuring?

I missed that part of your post so you are using the Nicehash miner. So I/s is iterations per second which is their interpretation of equihash runs per second - it should be 2 times the Sol/s rate though and not 20 (as each equihash run generates approximately 2 solutions). To be honest noone other than NiceHash uses this so probably best to ignore and use Sol/s for everything (just knowing that 1 Sol/s = 1 H/s)

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I see, thanks for the insight!

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Hey sorry to go off topic but is the nice hash miner easy to setup. And also should I join a pool . I’m new to this and just trying to learn as much as possible . Sorry to intrude guys

For whatever technical reason, the benchmark on alpha Zcash was also 1 “iteration” per 2 solves. So there’s a reason. Also, the bitcointalk guy who promised 120 So/s for a 1070 and posted images showing 140 Sol/s also showed “6 H/s” (which is what nheqminer called it in v0.1 instead of I/s). That 120 Sol per 6 H indicated he did not know what he was doing and is why he has not released. Then came the scammer to this web site saying 120 sol/s for a 980ti who had I=Sol which also implied something was amiss. And even claymore initially claiming 100 Sol/s might have been caused by a similar confusion, indicating he has not done any deep mining optimization other than copying silent army.

So if you purchased a cloud mining contract for 24 h/sec you are indeed only getting 24 sol/sec?

Yes, unless it was with zeropond in which case they are going to increase what you paid for as much as they can, as competing GPUs and CPUs got a lot faster than they expected.