Hate or love Poloniex, you can't ignore it

Where you hate Poloniex or not, it has direct impact on Zcash price. Just after getting unfrozen on Poloniex, it took Zcash few hours to beat Ethereum price.

Also I am again mining to poloniex because I like to live dangerously. Just kidding, mining to cryptonator.

Poloniex disable wallet = HATE
Bittrex = LOVE

Bittrex need 30 confirm = HATE

Need another Exchange Fast confirmation (4-5conf) and not disable wallet a week.

i dont care about polo i use kraken :smiley:

Even I do not care but a lot of people trade on it. It is the secong biggest exchange for god sake. It is a huge positive effect on Zec and its price is rising rapidly now.

i understand the effect of polo on zec but still since i use kraken i don care much for the polo and since iam here for the long run well the price will go up if it will go up in the next 1-2-3 mount is not so important for me i will be looking on it in next 6-12 mount when i start to plan to sell

pm laid it out. It may be a pos, but its the most dominating exchange when it comes to daily vol and is the main exchange most new to this space trade on, so we really can’t afford to not care as it’ll affect all who is invested in zec.

i dont care with exchanger, i care with my money, dont disable my wallet, its hurt

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Poloniex is very fustating so vote goes to HATE