Noobie question!

Hey there everyone! I just started mining a couple weeks ago and today I decided to buy a second evga gtx 1080 ftw because the first one is just wow. Sooo now that i installed the second card to my pc (haven’t build my rig yet) and started my miner of choice. Now my original card is at 83c up from ~65c and the new card is at about 65c. Also my psu is a 650w gold evga fully modular.

My questions is, is the first card running so hot because of the other card is in front of the fans? Or is it the enclosed case? I have taken the side off but I didn’t turn t back on yet because my first gpu kept restarting in the miner cmd window.

Thanks for any help!

How close are the card to each other, Are you using windows, have tried to change the temperature to maintain to say 75° C?

What program are you using to control temp or power or o/c? it sounds like you don’t have the settings linked to both cards, only one

I am not using anything for oc or fan control which I know I should be. As for the distance between the cards they cards are too close imo they are in a msi z270 pro carbon. This is only temp for the next week or 2 because I will be assembling 3 open air rigs.

Anything I can learn now to better manage temps will help and this is the part number for the 1080 is 08G-P4-6286

@CitricAcid I do agree with your statement about the settings not being linked, Just no clue where to start. Never had more then 1 gpu in a pc before!

Again any help is greatly appreciated.

I am currently waiting in the ever slow drive through of tacobell, when I
get back home I’ll give you two links and some basic info settings to get
you in the right direction.

Oh man Citric you are the best!! t-addy?

Ummm also do I need to install drivers for the second card if the first card is the exact same??

no, the latest Nvidia drivers (installed one time) is all you need…
MSI afterburner click the link, click download tab download and installer after burner

if you have steam there is EVGA Precision XOC

amd overdrive the download button is near the bottom… it says amd but this and the other two will work for all gpu’s

you can set what ever you like, but this is what I have my 1080 rig at

temp at 71
core 175
memory 850

Perfect!! You are the best! I just woke up so I’ll get started on this right away! Thanks again!

OK So one more for you, if you dont mind. I just check my miner because pool said it was offline. It was at the bottom of the cmd window and looked like it just stopped. Now Iv seen things about scripts to restart miners. Is this why? or is something wrong?

Cant find an edit option, but i am using EWBF windows miner.

I only (currently) have one rig with Nvidia cards, and I believe this is where EWBF lacks compared to claymore software (amd only) which has an option of if a card or software stops working it will close it down and initiate a reboot. I then have a shortcut to the start.bat file in my windows startup folder.

I know that ewbf has an -eexit option but I am not sure if there is a way to initiate a restart. If anyone here knows of a way I would appreciate the knowledge as well. I have also asked EWBF’s main forum as well

Slightly off topic but how far apart is it recommended the cards be separated for the best airflow? Thanks!

The more space the more airflow, but usually 2 inches is about standard (imo)

Ill look into this script things as well, ALso I think for right now I have a spare fan ill mount into my case aimed right between the cards and set for like 100% speed and then let the card manage its own fans?? The fan ill add was like $7 140mm.

Which is better then wrecking the card


So the MSI afterburner is doing the trick. I set the fans to go to 100% once card hit 70c and is stable 77c now

You can do that, but I would suggest just setting your temp at 76c or 77c, over clock it (maybe the settings I posted) and let it throttle the fans as it is needed. Running the fans at 100% 24/7 may not be a good idea

@CitricAcid I use minerstat to reboot the system, or just the miner remotely depending on the problem, and scheduling it to start as a job with powershell is ideal for bypassing user account control dialogues