Profitability - cloud mining Genesis?

I'm a bit skeptic since one gfx-card can generate about 30 solutions / second and the equivalent Genesis contract would be $7800 for one year. I also think as soon as an open source GPU miner is released which probably won't take a long time after launch the difficulty will raise significantly.

Any ideas?


In terms of H/s
a c4.large from my testing generates ~1.1h/s (0.55h/s per core) 2 core instance
a m4.large generates around ~0.88h/s or (0.44h/s per core) 2 core instance

Im not sure how 30 solutions / second can be converted to H/s

My guess is that due to memory constraints (768mb per core) a GPU with 8 GB is roughly the equivalent of 11x0.55h/s or less (single CPU cores @ full optimization) or 5.5h/s with max throughput. Of what people are mentioning though we have roughly 4.5-6x the performance vs a mid range 2 core CPU.

from 1 to 4 cores we have 1:2.8x performance difference due to an unoptimized multicore zcashd miner.


I don't think anyone has ever made any money with cloud mining other than the sellers.

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