Healing the community through an act of selfless kindness?

I’ll tell you the truth ZEC community today was the first day that I thought I had to dump it all and exit crypto altogether.

I had some friends over the weekend so I didn’t catch up on my TA playlist. I was binge watching a couple of technical analysis videos in my playlist and at one my heart broke. You see this incredibly sharp young man James, who is a developer, has this small youtube channel where he does very good practical TA trading for the retail has been abused by trolls on the Internet because he has been posting bearish predictions. They even went so far as to insinuate that “Its not very safe to post pictures of his daughter.”?!?!??! Now get this ZEC community his TA is right?!?!! So he’s making people money!?!?!??

Has this what crypto has become has greed corrupted us totally? I mean threatening someones children because you dont agree with someone on Bitcoin price? Is anything worth threatening a child? So I thought I am gonna leave this man the nicest comment I could think of and I did. And guess what ZEC community it felt GOOD. And I had an idea what if the ZEC community organizes one day and each leaves a thumbs up on his youtube video and a supportive comment. And maybe we could get @Zooko to mention him in a tweet or something?

Now it is important that we don’t mention or shill ZCASH this has to be selfless. Maybe by helping me help James the ZCASH and the entire crypto community can help itself? We have been bickering a lot. I can’t prommise it will help but I can tell you 2 things for certain.

  1. Its going to feel damn good helping someone.
  2. Them trolls are going to loose it when they see what they actually caused with their hateful comments.

How about it memetics gang?
@kek, @ChileBob?
Hows about it my favourite bears @boxalex, @Anton1, @hool?
Anyone? Everyone?
@sonya please?
@daira please? @shawn?
I mean if bloody 4chan could do some random acts of kindness (/b/ has :heart:William Lashua's Birthday | Know Your Meme)
Im hoping we can too? Or are we too far gone?
Here is the video in question the link is tot he part where he talks about the incident. It starts about 5:46 minutes.
November 16th Bitcoin Crypto Market Update - YouTube

Thanks in advance.


I was always kind, and never attacked anyone, I just express my point of view, and I am not guilty of disagreeing with you or someone who says that zec is in order now and will be in the future, I do not know the future but as far as I can judge, this strategy does not work, it’s enough to say what will happen if the price remains at the current level for another 1-1.5 years (the team will not work for less money and will simply leave, and there is no faith in the project and the future is constantly talked about , everyone wants to live in comfort, including people who are buying ie coins with their own money), I do not bear (because the bears to sell to buy at the bottom, I do not sell a single zec), or a bull, I am a realist.


Yes my good man, but dont you understand I probably wouldnt be coming here if it wasnt for people who dont agree with me. You challenge me intelectualy the most. Its I who em effed up and sometimes drink when I get annoyed to calm down which makes it worse. Are you with me ? We set a day and send some encouragement to the man, I mean it wont cost us anything? Just a few mins of our time?


I left him a nice comment and a thumbs up on the youtube site for this video.


Thanks man really appreciate it!

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Thumb up! :slight_smile: :+1: :+1:


It’s an important thing to remember that behind each one of these screen names and Twitter accounts is a real person.

A person that if you met at a coffee shop and started talking cryptocurrency, you would likely find that you have more in common with them than you have differences.

Even one of the biggest Zcash critics realized this: https://twitter.com/fluffypony/status/996922365069156353?s=19

Being kind to one another and looking for common ground will grow the privacy movement and our community better and faster than any amount of trolling. Random acts of kindness like this are a good idea, kudos for posting it.


Man I knew some tough as nails guys, they would slap someone silly just for looking at them a second too long. I knew this one guy crazy as hell local legend. When the soccer hooligans came from our capital (Bigger city stronger bunch) he would jump into a group of 30 of them and would knock out at least half of them. Oh and this is what soccer hooligans look like over here.
Imagine fighting 30 of him!
Even this guy would go soft for kids and puppies. We cant let this thing divide us. This is supposed to bring us closer together not divide us. We have to fight the gremlins in our head. And there is nothing wrong for decent hard working people to make money! Infact it is PREFFERED to criminals making money. And it doesnt matter what you do. What counts is you gave it your damn best to get the job done so that you can be proud of it.


I absolutely adore the spirit of this thread <3 We have so much ability to reach out and build each other up.

In that spirit, give Prastut and Aviral some love on Twitter? I’m sure they’d be thrilled to hear from you :slight_smile: Including feedback and suggestions.


Sure @sonya I have to get this offtopic off my mind first. Did the fact that ZEC means rabbit in my language influence your choice of avatar or is that just a cute coincidence?

I was kind of hoping that we could have something like this going. And it doesnt have to be online and it doesnt have to be huge, and it doesnt have to be you either. If anyone hears about any such encouraging examples post them. I am sure we all love to hear about those good souls tending to that light at the end of the tunnel.

A simple well thought out compliment can mean the difference between someone having a great day and someone having a bad day. I practice this often especialy with people I care about. I of course take care to do it in moderation so it doesn’t loose this magic. And what happens if that person has a great day? Maybe the person becomes more willing to help a tourist out for example. That tourist than has a great impression of your country. So there is this sort of butterfly effect that tends to take place.

Learning to show proper restraint in an argument is a valuable social skill that could mean the difference between keeping that great job or that fantastic relationship surviving. Saying bad things always leads to someone else saying worst things. This is a very efficient way to destroy any relationship both business and personal.

I can tell you that adopting my pets has been the smartest decision I have made in my life. The entertainment value that I get out of these two alone was worth it.

This is Djus (pronounced juice) and he has taught me to be more confident and more assertive and and an all around better person. Because you cant intimidate a dog or cry to it to make it respect your position.

This one is called Azra and even though she is clearly dreaming of world domination in this photo,

she has done something similar to the cat in the video many times to me when I was feeling angry or nervous or sad.

Come to think of it this in itself is an act of kindness just between different species. And if the cat didnt jump in in maybe the puppy would have eaten half of the couch. The owner could then get angry and take it out on his kids. You see where Im going with this :slight_smile:

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I didn’t know that — cool! Just a cute coincidence, bunnies have been my thing since before I knew about Zcash :rabbit:

I am so grateful for my pets too. They increase the joy in my life!

amazing! maybe the rabbit should be zcash’s official mascot.

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Found out where the striped bunny came from zazzle, but it doesn’t seem to be there anymore.


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Its actually only used to refer to wild rabbits. You know those big brown hoppers?

Do you have any way to distinguish wild and domesticated rabbits? What is a hare? I will admit my bunnyology is at an appalling level.

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Feral rabbits. bigger than normal and the males stand up and fight (box) with each other in breeding season (march). we have a saying in the uk “mad as a march hare” meaning angry/violent over something. - they are different to rabbits, but not by much. like I guess kangaroos and wallabies.

Oh and in case anyone didn’t know, the white of a rabbits tails act as distraction for predators they cant see the direction just last location. its why they jump like they do.


So you use the term rabbit only for domesticated rabbits and the term hare for the wild ones running in the fields?

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All domesticated rabbits are rabbits. not all wild rabbits are hares. they are similar but not identical. close enough tho.

Like cats, feral cats and lynxes maybe.

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Yeah then its ZEC=rabbit. We have a term kunic which represents a pet rabbit (bunny?). But yes you can say domesticated ZEC and it would be correct.