Hello I am a novice, what configuration mining is good, I don't understand for mining for large coffee

Hello I am a novice, what configuration mining is good, I don’t understand for mining for large coffee.

I’m not sure if you understand English very well either; coffee ties into mining only as a stimulant during the long hours when you troubleshoot the heck out of your mining rig because it’s not working properly. :wink:

Hello, I want to ask where to buy ore mining is still its own configuration

Hello, I would like to ask if the miner will buy it or buy it

Hi. I think from your original post and responses, there is something lost in translation. Try Google Translate to convert your native language question into English and post it here. At the moment, I don’t think anyone can work out what you are asking…

Hello, excuse me, what is the special machine for mining, or their own preparation

What is your native language?

My mother tongue is Chinese, Chinese

I’m assuming you’re asking for advice on what hardware to buy in order to build a machine to mine? If that’s the case there are numerous threads with all sorts of advice pertaining to where your money is best spent.

Excuse me, what is the mining machine

你好。采矿机也被称为“钻机”,并且是具有若干显卡的计算机,其使用称为“矿工”的软件进行计算。当它找到一个答案,它通过互联网发送到一个采矿池。当一个“块”被发现时,那么采矿池中的每个人都可以得到大约10 ZEC的奖励份额。
要了解更多信息,我想如果您访问bitcointalk.org了解有关采矿的更多信息,这可能有所帮助 - 虽然可能会有一些中文可以阅读,但我认为很多不幸的是英文。

Simplistic explanation to help out user below:

Hi. A mining machine is also known as a “rig” and is a computer with several graphics cards which use software called a “miner” to do calculations. When it has found an answer it sends it over the internet to a mining pool. When a “block” has been found, then everyone in the mining pool gets a share of the reward which is about 10 ZEC.
To find out more, I think if you visit bitcointalk.org to read more about mining, that may help - although there may be something in Chinese that you can read, but I think a lot of it is unfortunately in English.
Good Luck!