Help converting Zec to Eur

Hi everyone.
Is there any option to do this? Transfer zec to eur but not in a bank account and to buy things online not from mi bank account. I could do this online transfering zec to btc and buying on websites that admit btc?

Ty for your hel in advance.

I use a wallet called jaxx that will let you withdraw in pretty much any currency there is. It accepts a lot of altcoins as well and it’s nice and simple to use.

I hope I helped!

no there is not a crypto wallet that will hold fiat (your country’s currency) then use it to buy things. YOU CAN convert crypto currency to BTC and use that to buy items from, newegg, overstock, a couple of airlines, it’s an ever growing list, and there are several places out there you can use BTC to buy gift cards to use at hundreds of locations. Keeping it all out of your bank account

but the fee’s Jax implements and their lack of documentation on the fee’s , makes me say don’t use them.

There are exchanges that do this. I noticed that Exmo added various trading pairs for ZEC recently.