Help me to understand a (full)node

I’m pretty new with mining in general.
and I just learned about a (full)node is.
A full node is a pc that checks if the blocks or transaction are correct.

Do I got this right?
and is there a way to help doing this? is there a program that does this just in the background or anything?

Hello brainbudt,

This link can help to understand a bit the proccess of setting up a full node.
I make them some moths ago. The method to get a full node working is the same but
with newer binaries and Linux system.

I would like to help then questions are always very welcome!
Thank you very much and luck!

why if they we need more nodes in order to get faster transactions is it so hard in order to create a full node system?

Maybe now that Debian 9 has already been released,

and new binaries of ZCash wallet/node is nearly comming for all, then maybe
I will make a better tutorial of setting up a full node/wallet working smoothly but very fast.
Maybe it can help a bit more than previous tutorial, can’t it?

but is this what your are doing the same what the zcash4win is but then for windows? if that is the cause then I will do that.

It is a proccess, not too long, but you need to have computer, internet, electricity, mousse, keyboard, screen, special software too,…
But it is very interesting by the oter hand, do you know?

Economy moves the World!

but is a wallet plus a local full node the same as what your are doing aka helping the system?

A ZCash full node is also a ZCash full wallet, like bitcoin core, for example.
Your node is synchronized in the ZCash network and then you can do payments or receive payments from others ZCash wallets too.
Have you seen the videos, do you have questions, or anything not completely clear?

Here you can see the ZCash binaries,
The ZCash Team has already released the 1.0.10, it is very great!
All join simply works very well, great!