Do you want a complete ZCash node-wallet working?, see the videos!

The following videotutorials show to you how to setup virtual machines, shared folder between the host and guest, finally the 1.0.5 ZCash wallet setup.
Also I will post a few importants command to you familiarize with.




I hope sincerely that them help-enjoy to all.

The useful commands are the following:

To download zcash-1.0.5-amd64.deb:

To start the ZCash daemon-wallet:

/usr/bin/zcashd --daemon

To generate transparent_address:

/usr/bin/zcash-cli getnewaddress

To generate invisible_address:

/usr/bin/zcash-cli z_getnewaddress

When ZCash daemon-wallet is running it get very useful information:

/usr/bin/zcash-cli getinfo

To stop the ZCash daemon-wallet:

/usr/bin/zcash-cli stop

To export your wallet complete to /CopyA/MyWalletA

1º) Start the ZCash daemon-wallet with the exportdir parameter set as you want, in this example /CopyA directory.

/usr/bin/zcashd -exportdir=/CopyA --daemon

2º) Export the complete wallet to, in this example, MyWalletA. MyWalletA will be inside the /CopyA directory.

/usr/bin/zcash-cli z_exportwallet MyWalletA

To import a security copy of a ZCash wallet, for example after a new ZCash setup.

Very important, the path is relative to zcash-cli directory!.

1º) Start the ZCash daemon-wallet:

/usr/bin/zcashd --daemon

2º) To continue with the export example, the import relative to to zcash-cli directory is the following:

/usr/bin/zcash-cli z_importwallet ./…/…/CopyA/MyWalletA

This command give to us the total of our ZCash wallet’s balance:

/usr/bin/zcash-cli z_gettotalbalance

This command give to us the balance of our t_address indicated of our ZCash wallet:

/usr/bin/zcash-cli z_getbalance t_address

Example of a simple t_address transaction:

Example to send from,

The total value of amount + 0.0001 can’t pass the total value stored at #1_t_address.

/usr/bin/zcash-cli z_sendmany “#1_t_address” “[{"address": "#2_t_address", "amount": 0.01796713}]”

Is it typically Windows users that rely on virtual machines to use Zcash? Keep an eye on the Mac and Windows ports coming from @anon47418038

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If you have a mac, go to for an installer with everything in a signed dmg. I’m working on a similar all-in-one installer for Windows right now, its been delayed by my household being hit by a nasty flu/cough this last week (my son’s recovered, I’m mostly ok, my daughter is still sick as a dog :frowning: )

But SOON! :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much, radix42. Yes, I have 10.11.6 running in a virtual machine and I wish give a try to zcash4mac. And I would like to do a video-tutorial of it. I hope that you and your family feel completely recovered very soon. And also I want to wish to you the best with your Windows’s ZCash project. Tell us when we can give a try to it!.

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