Installing a zcash full node

Hello, I want to build a zcash wallet on my Debian based Linux system (whonix) I installed and started zcashd belong to the documentation on the website, but how can I sending funds etc. I found a app image for a graphical interface here Zecwallet FullNode - Zcash FullNode UI Wallet
but doesn’t find a installation guide :man_shrugging:t4: Maybe someone can answer my rookie question here.


You can also run the node from the command line w/o api, it isn’t typically recommended and can be a tricky if you don’t have experience (and even if you do actually!) but can be done.


Thanks, I followed the instructions on the website and downloaded the file from GitHub
and put it in my downloads folder, when I used the command
sudo dpkg -i linux-deb-zecwallet-v0.8.0.deb
I get the error response: no such file or directory
When I use the directory like
/home/user/.tb/Tor-Browser/browser/Downloads/zecwallet_fullnode_1.7.8_amd64.deb sudo dpkg -i linux-deb-zecwallet-v.0.8.0.deb
I get a permission denied error

The first problem sounds like you were on the wrong path and the permission problem might just need a sudo

sudo dpkg -i Zecwallet_Fullnode_1.7.8_amd64.deb 

I used the following successfully.



After some try’s I can start to install the package but now I get a dpkg error response :grimacing:Processing: image.jpg…

Are gconf, gconf-service and libappindicator1 non-typical for your distro? Honestly I wouldn’t know if they are for Ubuntu but that seems to be whats causing the build fail


I think it’s a problem that I try to run it in my VM, because using Debian ends in the same results…

Do you have some more information about running the fullnode via commands?

zcash-cli lives in the same directory as zcashd


Thanks, but can you may explain some more? So when I want to pay on my wallet, how can I see my wallet address? I start the terminal and try it with zcashd getwalletinfo but it doesn’t worked :sweat_smile:

Once your node is fully synced you can try:


Thanks, I played a little bit around with the commands and it works probably.
Now I’m ready to exchange and send some zcash, but I doesn’t understand how to send and receive zcash anonymously? :thinking:

That would be done with a ‘z’ address that you could create with z_getnewaddress and send whatever funds it receives with z_sendmany, easy-peasy. Just mind the formatting with the fields, the apostrophes and quotes.
Acquiring Zcash anonymously or otherwise is different set of questions…um zecpages, zemeteam, f2z, Im sure theres more.

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I tried to generate a new address but I have to set a Exportdir option. So I use
Nano ~/.zcash/zcash.conf
To generate a file and write
But that doesn’t worked out for me :sweat_smile:
So maybe you have an idea because out of the search function isn’t really helping me.

Use the -conf=‘path/to/file’ flag to point to the file when launching zcashd

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Sorry but I’m a rookie and doesn’t understand it correct :sweat_smile:
So i open the .conf file and what I have to write in there when I want to point it to my desktop or some easy other direction? And then I only have to store it and have nothing else to do?

Point to the conf file, when launching zcashd, simply means telling zcashd where the desired conf file is so that it knows where to find it and the instructions (if any) it holds such as the export dir. And to do that you use the flag such that your command might resemble something like
./zcashd -conf=‘path/to/file’

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