Help. New rig. Losing hash on risers

Backstory. I have 1 1080ti that i have had in my gaming pc for the last 2 months i have been mining with without problems. I purchased all the gear to make an actual rig. I also have 2 more 1080ti cards coming this week. EVGA 1080ti SC Black. I also have an AMD Rx580 x8GPU rig with the same motherboard and risers and have zero problems.

No my issue.
The card gives me 700-725 sol in the pci slot of the motherboard. But once I connect it to a riser I lose hash. And the hash fluctuates wildly. I tried 3 different risers.
I have also tried molex, or 6 pin to the riser. Just to eliminate any power issue I ran 3 pcie cables to the card.
1 to the riser (6pin) 2 to the 1080ti (8+6)
I’m out of ideas and have 2 more cards on their way in the mail. i want to get this resolved asap

I have been running this card stable for over 2 months in my pc with the same settings.

I gave a response in another thread. Have you look through all setting in the mobo bios? Could be the risers. Also have you been cutting full power to the mobo every time you change a riser? I mean total removal of power. The psu is no longer connected to a power outlet and enough time has passed or a static charge has been removed from the mobo? I have heard lots of people destroying mobo pci slots by hot swapping the card or adapter. Ie there is power still in the board when changes are made.

Yes I’m at a loss here of what to do. I have all the pcie slots set to GEN2. I have 4G turned on.
I use this same mobo with a 8xGPU RX580 rig and have no issues. Same risers also.
I suppose its possible all 5 risers in the box are bad? I might take one from my other rig that is proven good.

Yes I pull power and hold switch for 30 seconds to drain.
No adapters. Either molex or 6pin. It acting like its not getting enough power. but im not sure what else to do. single card on a 1200W Corsair PSU.
Ive also tried other slots on the mobo. Like I said it works perfect when there is no riser in the mix, so i know the slot, card and settings are good.

All you can do is take another riser you know works fine. Test in slot 0(or 1 depending on your boards labels) the first 16x slot on the mobo. Test each card. If in slot 0 and a good riser and a 6pin direct connect gives you much lower hash, then I don’t know what to say. Does the card have enough power cables? 1080ti can draw huge watts. I know silly question but some have forgotten to connect all cables. You also might have to do a complete wipe of the drivers and a fresh install. If you are using Windows, check if there are any issues there. If it’s a good riser, enough power and connected to the first x16 slot, the sols should be pretty much the same. What gen are the risers 6, 7 or the new 8? Do they have 3 or 4 capacitors? 1080ti is a massive card with massive requirements. You want the best stuff running those. I use risers like the ones below.

Well i swapped a riser from my other rig and everything is working now as expected. The weird thing is i took the “bad” riser and put it on my AMD rig where it took the “good” one from and there is no issue on that rig. still getting the same 30MH/s it was getting before.

I’m using these risers

If i get motivation later i will swap the riser back and see if the issue returns.
thanks again for the suggestions.

Those seem like fine risers. If you know one that works try it in the first x16 slot. If you get a stable hash rate similar to mobo mounted then check each riser and each card. Then if they all work in slot 0 move to add more cards.

Ok so I found the problem. but Im not quite sure how to fix it.
When there is no monitor hooked up is when i have the bad performance.
I hooked up the monitor to my Onboard video. And everything works great. Hash and GPU perform as expected. If i remove the Monitor and reboot everything goes to shit.

Anyone ever see anything like this before?
The only thing i can think of is i force igfx in the bios, because if i do PEG or Auto I can’t get into the bios using the onboard video during boot.

if you have everything set up in the bio’s why do you need to boot into it? Once you have it set, your done, stay out of the bio’s