Strange 1080TI Usage

One of my rigs is having really strange problems I can’t seem to track down.

As you can see my card seems all over the place. This is my second GPU. Hoping to get some tips as to what I should look at. Swapped the card with another, same issue. Now the troublesome card is rocksolid in my main computer. Really only thing I’ve not tried is swapping the motherboard as I don’t have another and I’ve not tried swapping the PSU as I don’t have another.

Done things like diferent risers and pcie slots, different hard drive etc. Only thing that really seemed to help was using smOS instead of Windows. Although it says I’m getting 740 SOL on each card I do notice my primary card is doing a lot more shares. Currently at 30/20 after rebooting the rig.

Also worth noting I didn’t have my monitor plugged into card 2. It was into card 1 and hurt its usage a smidge. I even tested by watching a video to see which card it hit and it was clearly the 1st.


A further update to the situation.

I tried a bunch of things. Swapping the power cables from card 1 to card 2 saw card2 do 400 hash. Swap back and it did 500. Reseating the card in the riser and jumping to a new PCIE slot seemed to help. It’s been around 740 hash @ 200W/150c/500m for 12 hours now. There is an approx 50~ share difference between the cards ATM but its around a 2-3% difference. Much better then the 10%.

My current theory lies somewhere between the risers and the PSU. I really don’t like the risers with the blue PCIE slot and the blue plastic tab that doesn’t hold or support the card at all. The black slotted ones with the sliding tab have been super stable for me. So I’m going to replace the riser with one of those BUT I did notice the adapter that comes with the card to hook to molex does only have 5 active pins. Probably a non issue but I’m looking forward to trying both cards on a direct PSU feed tomorrow.

It looks like you could actually be experiencing thermal throttling, what are your temperatures and fan speeds?

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Constant 65%. One card at 55 the other at 46.