Help on how to use silentarmy on ubuntu 16.04?

Hi! I have Ubuntu 16.04 64bit. How do I “link” silentarmy miner with the “zcashd” program on my computer? Intructions I have been following are here and I have finished the step 5:

I can make silentarmy run, but it apparently mines for the author of the miner as stated in the link:

“When run without options, SILENTARMY mines with the first OpenCL device, using my donation address, on flypool:”

What options I should I use to mine for myself. Also, how I can get an address that I mine to and the keys to the address? How I can join a pool and which one (with minimal fees) you’d recommend?

I have never mined any cryptocurrency before, so I don’t know how this works in detail. I’ve used BTC as a currency and know roughly how it functions.

Any advice is appreciated. My GPU is awaits.

To get this to mine to your address you have to choose a pool, create a account with that pool, then in the configuration you can change the default address with your new address/worker to mine with your pool.

You can find a few more instructions here:

I actually figured it out. First I needed to find the address, CrYPTOgRaPHICnonSENseWheREURcoinsGo, from .zcash folder (I installed a GUI wallet which diplayed it to me). Then I needed to open up port 3333 in my firewall and run silentarmy with the following options to start mining in the flypool with my CPU & GPU:

./silentarmy --use 0,1 -c stratum+tcp:// -u CrYPTOgRaPHICnonSENseWheREURcoinsGo

I didn’t quite get the options given by “silentarmy -h”, but flypool’s instructions helped me.

It is working now.

Why run silentarmy? Optiminer is almost 4 times as fast. I stopped using Silentarmy a while ago.

I was under the impression that it wouldn’t work with my 3XX card with the newer 16.60 drivers that I’ve got. But apparently it does. Thanks.

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