MSI Z170a Gaming M5 will not recognize 5th gpu

We are expanding the mining rig past 4gpus now but cannot get the motherboard to recognize the 5th card.

We are running all Nvidia gtx1070 GPUs, bios version on the motherboard is 1.E0 (the newest update) if that has any bearing on it or not.

Please any help or guidance you could offer would be great. We are using a kabylake core i3 7100 cpu

I have heard about needing a Skylake to run more than 4 but others have tried and failed.

I cannot get the 5th to recognize. Can you link me to the correct GPU driver version? Also which bios are you using for the motherboard

That’s my post above that Mercenaryminer posted. :stuck_out_tongue:
The latest driver is all you need. There is no special driver required when using 1070’s.

It’s like the Quality Control was lacking the day these boards were made, expecting all of these boards to do 7 cards is a pipe dream as consistency is not their strong point.

In my post above I mentioned I have 3x M5 boards and 3x M7 boards. They are almost the same thing. Only one M5 board will do 7 cards, the others have a heart attack with anything more than 5. The M7 boards are worse. Anything more than 5 on the M7 boards and again… heart attack… I got a M7 here that isn’t even stable with 4 cards.

I use the latest BIOS, and have tried the previous and just about everything else to get them working.

Keep RMA’ing if you can until you get one that works properly. Hit and Miss.

I just got the 5th working! Don’t know how I did it, added 1 card at a time from scratch starting with slot 2, on the 4th card changed to 4g mining mode, it failed to boot, shut down switched gpu4 to slot 6, restarted loaded windows without it recognizing the card, shut down, put the riser back in slot 5, it worked. Then added 5th GPU to slot 6, it wouldn’t recognize. Shut off put it in 7, it started up without recognizing, then windows turned off the display a bunch of times, and it finally showed all 5!

Don’t ask me how…

So 5 cards working in slots 2,3,4,5 and 7. Im using bios 1.D

needless to say the MSI boards are off the menu for future builds - for me anyway

I have the same motherboard and had the same issue under Linux. There is a setting in the BIOS and configure the PCI setting to Above 4G. It specifically mentions that it is for mining.

I have Msi motherboard but workstation chipset c236 One months work perfect next month have small problem two last pcie slot sometimes sol/s going down 703 to 600/550 and 3 week work and dead pcie 5/6, ssd m2 and graphic card on processor a try restart and clear comos next pcie 4/3 dead lol

Maybe you motherboard and pcie slot the same problem.