Help running 4 r9 295 x2

Can someone help me run my 4th r9 295 x2
I already run 3 of my r9 295 x2, but it seems my 4th card just cannot be detected

my set up
2x 1600 psu
mother board MSI 170 gaming m5
two 16x16 riser connected directly to the board
one 16x1 riser
other one 16x1 riser (but not succesfully dectected)

mobo - updated to latest version
Peg 0 - GEN 1
peg 1 - GEN 1
PCI latency timer 96
above 4g decoding - enable

but still no go for the 4th GPU can someone help thanks so much

Hi, you new to mod the setup file, look at: 7xGPU + Windows // modding AMD video driver is the answer

Good luck!

thank you… yes im new im having a hard time running my 4th card lol have any idea?.. im running it on eos

Keep in mind that 295x2 is a bigpu so each one is considered like 2 GPUs. You will probably not be able to run 4 295x2 on this MB

Yes i notice my mobo detects it but just have this error on my riser and i
keep changing new riser it wont detect lol

Have you try 4 16x1 risers (no 16x16), and try the pci latency timer at 32?