Help with Risers

Good evening,

I have a gaming computer that I am currently allocating to mining. My cascade cooler broke down so i figured what the hell.

MSI X99 Godlike Carbon
RX 480 Powercolor Red devils

Now i currently have the BIOS updated to GEN1 PCI and a latency of 96, however I can still only get 4 GPUs to show up in device manager and one under “unknown device”

The board explorer in BIOS does in fact show 5 “ATI technologies” via the use of the risers and all slots highlighted.

Any thoughts to make my rig see all 5 gpus for the time being?

I have actual rigs coming in (I HOPE) still waiting on a vendor to ship them, but thats another story.

Any help would be great

You may need a jumper pin if the GPU that is not showing is one plugged into a 16x. Determine which slot is not displaying or if the problem is with the 5th, regardless of slot.


About halfway down.

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So i think it might be a riser board its either that or its a windows issue.

I swapped things around 45 different ways. All slots work with risers no jumper pin needed, plus on this board they are shielded anyways.

So i think its a just a windows issue. didnt have time to check the only riser possibly malfunctioning, i will that tomorrow. But has anyone had any issues with windows 10 not recognizing 5 -7 gpus? what was the fix?

I know win 7 had a mod, but i thought Win 10 was good to go on this

you could always call MSI and ask
i dont have that board running atm but can’t remenber if it has a setting for pcie speed? like 16x, 16x16x, 16x16x8x? if so maybe try the lowest setting?