Help Setting Up Excavator Miner

I am wondering if anyone has some default .bat file settings and parameter descriptions for Excavator Miner?

Thanks :smiley:

Here is what I have from the ReadMe file:

NiceHash Excavator

Excavator is GPU miner by NiceHash for mining various altcoins on and other pools. Excavator is being actively developed by djeZo, zawawa, dropky and voidstar. Miner is using custom built code base with modern approach and supporting modern video cards - NVIDIA and AMD. For AMD support, please see AMD readme for important details.

Download from here:

WARNING!!! Excavator is a proprietary software by NiceHash and has a special EULA.

How to Use Excavator?

First, make sure you have Visual C++ 2013 redistributable (x64) installed.

ADVANCED There are two methods to use Excavator. Both rely on API commands you can find in API section.

  1. Using API port or HTTP API; for that, you need an application that will pass commands to the Excavator. We do not provide any such application (except web example), nor there is any public source code available (yet).

    The API works over standard TCP port and is JSON-message based with ‘\n’ terminated messages. Do note that once you build up such application, you virtually have no limits anymore. You can truly optimize your mining to the max; you can launch various algorithms (at the same time), you can randomly assign workers (turn devices on off), do dual/triple mining, algorithm switching, adjusting TDPs, core or memory clock and fan speeds. Additionally to that, you can also read various GPU parameters and algorithm speeds reached by GPUs.

    Default API bind port is 3456, but you can change it with ‘-p’ command line parameter.

    HTTP API is disabled by default. You can enable it by configuring command line parameters.

  2. Using start-up commanding file. See example default_command_file.json.

    File contains a JSON array of all actions that would happen during runtime of Excavator. Each array item has two mandatory fields and one optional. Mandatory is ‘time’ which tells you after how many seconds since start of Excavator commands should execute and ‘commands’ which is a JSON array of commands you can find in API section.

    Optionally you can specify ‘loop’ which repeat commands every ‘loop’ seconds. When creating algorithms and workers, note that IDs of returned objects always run from 0 and on, so first algorithm always has ID 0, second 1 etc.

    You will want to figure out ID of each card; use telnet to connect to Excavator then send command


    to retreive all available devices and their IDs.

    After you have your commanding file ready, use ‘-c’ command line switch to provide file name when starting Excavator.

    We suggest using excavator+web+restart_script.bat that automatically launches web browser displaying status and has a restart script to put Excavator back on if it crashes.

Excavator also supports configuring console logging level and file logging level. Level ‘0’ means full detail logging, level ‘6’ means no logging. By default console logging is set to ‘2’, file logging set to ‘6’. You can change file logging with ‘-f’ and console logging with ‘-d’ command line parameters.

To get details about specific algorithms that are available in Excavator, check AMD information or NVIDIA information.

Command Line Parameters

Parameter Range Description Default
-h none Displays help; details about all supported command line parameters
-p 0-65535 API bind port; set to 0 to disable API 3456
-i local IP API bind IP
-wp 0-65535 HTTP API bind port 0
-wi local IP HTTP API bind IP
-wa string HTTP API authorization token
-d 0-6 Console log level 2
-f 0-6 File log level 6
-fn file name Log file log_$timestamp.log
-c file name Use commanding file
-na Disable AMD support

Additional Notices

WARNING! Excavator supports overclocking. Use overclocking at your own risk. OVERCLOCKING MAY PERMANENTLY DAMAGE YOUR COMPUTER HARDWARE!

This one seems that it only mines to NiceHash? Is this correct and if not, how do I change my mining pool?

I also have another version that has the CMD line parameter for a .bat file as:

excavator -a equihash -s poolname:port -u YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS/YOUR_WORKER_NAME/YOUR_EMAIL -p 0 -d 2 -ca -ca

My question with this is can I set this as:

excavator -a equihash -s poolname:port -u YOUR_USER_NAME/YOUR_WORKER_NAME/YOUR_EMAIL -p 0 -d 2 -ca -ca

excavator.exe -a pascal -s -u EXCHANGE_ADDRESS.YOUR_PAYMENT_ID.YOUR_WORKER/YOUR_EMAIL -d 2 -ca

This is the default bat for pascal though I am not sure excavator supports equihash.