Help with mining motherboard pcie question

I am looking to order a asrock 110 btc+ motherboard it has 12 pcie 2.0 slots. I am wondering if that I am going to be mining with gtx 1060’s or above will this effect the hashrate I get from each card or does it not mater if its 2.0 or 3.0 thank you any help would be appreciated!

It actually has 13 PCIE Slots… and do not worry about the 2.0. I have right now 6 Evga GTX 1060 mining at 300 Sol/s each one, and I just love this Motherboard: it was the first time that I got a rig running without ANY issue.

Be sure to download and follow their mining manual. Yes! They even created a manual that if you follow it (e.g. connect first only 1 card at the 16x PCI Slot, then add one card per Windows/Linux restart) and it will work perfect. Here goes the link:

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thank you very much I didn’t know if it mattered or not. so your saying when I get the board to put 1 card at a time on the risers and restart the computer after I install each 1 graphics card? the board is out of stock but I can get it for 150 and ship when in stock

I am confused now does this board have a 1151 lga socket or 1150 bc the description says 1151 but the spec page says 1150

It is a 1151, that is, you need an Intel Gen6/7 Processor. I use the Celeron G3930 without any issue, and it is has very good price. Also you need DDR4 RAM (I have 8 GB because “someone” told me 4 GB might not be enough for so many GPUs).

And yes, you first install WITH a riser the first GPU in the 16x (the riser makes sense since you need to free the 2 slots next to it for other risers), install Windows/Linux. Then shut down, install the 2nd GPU and wait for the driver to be working fine. Shut down, 3rd GPU wait for driver, etc, etc. It is even recommended that you mine between cards just to be sure they are working fine.

Good luck!