Here are some 1070 vs 1070ti comparison numbers

Gungriffin, can you tell me which photos are which? Is the GP104-A ratings for the 1070ti?

I want to add your specs to my comparison chart:

Correct, the card identified as GP104-A is the 1070ti in the photos above.

Awesome thanks! Looks like they are more efficient and can mine more (495 vs 450).

Now to also factor in price difference :slight_smile:

Currently, 1070 Ti is $469 and 1070 is $429

Exactly. I will most likely be buying 1070tis over 1070 if all things stay equal and I build more computers. The sols/dollar are about the same, but the increase in efficiency is certainly welcomed no matter how much you pay for electricity.

Thanks @gungriffin. I’m using Ethos and upped my 1070ti config to core 2111 (+200) and 4502 (+700) with 60% power (108 Watts). I’m getting about 468 sol/s @ ~107W (4.38 sols/W). Seems inline with what you’re doing? I’ll try to tune further but I think you nailed it.

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@uncompetent These numbers are working really well for me. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for posting this…really helped me out. EWBF version 0.3.4c out now!

Hello all,

I did some further tuning since that post. I’m getting even better performance using core clock at 2125 and mem clock at 4700. From there, adjust the power to whatever works in your environment. For example, I get about 570 sol/s when running at 170 watts. Less power = less sol/s but higher efficiency. Adjust as you see fit.

I did lots of testing to get to this point. It’s been stable for me. Much higher and you introduce instability. Please let me know if you’re able to do better with a 1070 ti!

Happy Mining.

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What OS and mining software and version are you using to get 570 sols/s on the 1070TI?

I’m using ethos 1.2.7 with the accompanying ewbf-zcash 0.3.4b miner. I get 571.3 sols/s on a Zotac 1070ti Mini @ 180Watts. You can improve efficiency by dropping power.

What to choose Asus Rog Strix 1070ti or Evga 1070ti SC?

good morning, 1st post here and new to the crypto world!! I have built a rig with 5 Nvidia 1070ti gpu’s, Win 7 (64bit), ASrock H81 Pro BTC 2.0 mobo & Corsair RMi Series, RM1000i, 1000 Watt psu …4 of the gpus are Gigabyte geforce 1070ti and the 5th is ASUS ROG Strix GeForce GTX 1070 Ti…i have been recording tons of different settings, so far the most economical/efficient setting i have is:

  • PL - 65%
  • Core - +200
  • mem - + 700
  • fan - 60%
  • temp - 42C
  • Watts (kill a watt) - 650W
    I average 2370 Sol/s with an avg of 4.52 Sol/W

The highest Sol/S setup is:

  • PL - 75%
  • Core - +200
  • mem - + 700
  • fan - 60%
  • temp - 46C
  • Watts (kill a watt) - 745W
    I average 2501 Sol/s with an avg of 3.91 Sol/W

I’m debating whether to add another card and run efficiently are just run these 5 cards as high as i can (being stable).

Thoughts/comments welcomed!!!

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I doubt that you would see much difference between the two. Both are good cards from a reputable company. I would probably go with the least expensive.

I am a huge proponent of running as many cards as possible on each computer so that the cost of the computer components per GPU is as low as possible. With a 1000w PSU, you could run 7 1070tis easily. Some will argue that this is more GPUs than should be used for a 1000w PSU, and I disagree.

with my ASrock mobo i believe i’m limited to 6 gpu’s. I can power them down pretty far. Should I aim for 80% of my psu capacity? so try and stay in the 800w for 6 cards?

You can likely run a M.2 to PCIe adapter to get more PCIe slots. Windows allow for up to 8 cards each Nvidia and ATI (so 8 nvidia AND 8 ATI) as I still understand it.

Your PSU can run 1000 watts to the computer, and that is what you should derive your 80% number from. At the wall that number will be higher though. So 1000 watts from the PSU to the computer will draw maybe 1100 watts at the outlet. Running at 80% is ideal, and it will make a small difference in power usage. The difference will only likely be a few percent of the total power usage though. If needed I pull up to 90 or 95% of design capacity, but I aim for 80%. I find that a power limited 1070 ti will use about 110-120 watts per card from the PSU. The rest of the computer is maybe 60-100 watts. Doing 6 1070 tis will easily keep you under 80%.

can you explain to me if there is any difference in the 1070 ti that i have (gigabyte version w/ 3 fans) vs the 1070 ti right off of nvidia website GeForce_GTX_1070Ti_3qtr_Front_Left|517x23114-125-871-S99gle fan)GeForce_GTX_1070Ti_3qtr_Front_Left

of course with DSTM you get more Sol/s but u must pay 2% devFee (in EWBF you can remove it)

Wow 1070ti very good!

Corsair 1000 Platinum
Asrock H81
6x Palit 1070ti
pl -60%
core- +125
mem- +700
fan- +80%
temp -55C
total Power 730watts 2650sols/s