WARNING Panda Miner NOT SHIPPING ORDERS 4 & 8 GPU Cryptocurrency Mining Rigs

This site is starting to sell 4 & 8 GPU mining rigs


let me know if you want me to do a virtual tour and test one out in person.
They are currently taking pre-orders and have one rig I can play with in their office

Its a 1 day to 2 day trip for me, so its a lot of work, but if you all think its worth it I can check it out and give my 2 cents on the miners

each rig has 2 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports and 1 Lan port.

systems have 4 gigs of DDR3 Ram.

These use some sort of 480 on a mobile card, people were speculating as to what card it is. It is also available in a 470 variant at a slightly discounted price.

Leave responses and I can try to get your questions answered as I am in direct communication with them daily.

These rigs are currently running Windows 10, and can be used to mine almost any GPU minable crypto, such as; ZCash, Ethereum, Monero, LBRY, etc.


Very nice! I will buy one at rx490 :wink:

lol yea I am curious to see if 490 will be dual polaris or vega, if dual polaris than a 480 rig like this the best there will be, and is priced competitively, if its vega, than possibly in the future we can see rigs like this with vega? but with polaris 10 XT2 spotted in recent drivers I think it is more likely a dual polaris (480) card, though vega 10 was also spotted in those drivers, so i'm waiting to see.

if its vega we will have to see mining performance... if its dual polaris we already know the performance will be approx 2 480s

These look like a nice piece of kit. I would like see how they go. It's there much of a discount for the RX470 version? And I look forward to seeing the RX 490 version hashing once they are released.

What sort of support is offered by this company?

I think the 470 is about 150-200$ cheaper.
I need to find out about warranty and support still.

Thank you for your help.

I have access to the bottom of a rack and if these units can fit there without needing rack space then I can put these there for free, with free electricity.

Even if these take up some space I can get free electricity but just need to pay for the rack space.

thats a great opportunity, yes they are very compact, one feature that makes these units more attractive. You can fit a lot more of these on the same shelf space compared to using traditional rig setups

I originally asked my friend how much for some space as I was going to order some of your stackable open air frames, but I like the idea of these units being able to fit into the space and not be charged any money at all.

I will have to wait until after new year to look to get to some of these as I am getting married in a week and a bit dont have the disposable money to purchase something like this.

yes and you can stack many of of these in a small space, the only problem could be getting enough power to them :slight_smile:

I don't think power should be a problem as it is in a large data centre :wink:

i guess not, but for me in my home ive already maxed out usable power in my mining room, anything more will continually hit the fuse switch

I am the same. I have 4 rigs running on 3 phases in 3 different rooms and my main computer room is just getting too hot now. I need to become more efficient and with a smaller footprint.

I have too many full systems running. These would be ideal as they are more compact and better use of space.

I like the idea of 1100w +/- 10% for ZEC and 1300 +/- 10% for ETH

yes much better for space, and easier to "hide" it in other rooms in the house so its not an eyesore to guests

Ha ha, I like your use of "Hide" I can definitely hide these from my soon to be wife :wink:

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hahahha LOL yeah don't expect her to be too happy about you filling the house with miners :stuck_out_tongue:
my primary hurdle with adding more miners is my wife LOL

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I have to build an extra garden shed for my miners, I have no permission to start the miners in my cellar. Unfortunately she haves some good arguments to blackmail me :smiley:

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LOL if you want more miners you can sleep with the miners! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Honestly the only benefit to this I see is that its more apartment friendly and doesn't make your place look like something out of the movie "hackers". But its pretty much kills resell value unless you can sell those mobile gpus on eBay for laptop gamers. That and Im sure it will sound like an Antminer S7.

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From what I can see they seem to be a good deal however only 45 days warranty!! Think this will let the product down and sounds like they have no faith in there products,price is competitive and I like the design but you have to ask yourself would you mine 24/7 on a laptop as this design is very similar but with added heat from 8 GPU's I think if each GPU can expell heat from its own compartment without effecting other GPU's then shouldn't be an issue it's all down to the design but 45 days warranty worries me.