High mh/s but slow time

Hi, I am running a single gpu setup (will be getting more gpus shortly) i am using a amd 7870 and im getting 160 h/s which i think is pretty decent considering how old the card is. I’m happy with the 165 h/s but im only going through a small amount of shares (22 after leaving it running for about an hour) and the time taken is 43 seconds. Is this normal speeds for a single gpu configuration or is this unusually slow? also its finding a new job approximately once every minute. Apologies if this is a very noob question but i only recently started. Below is a capture of what im getting.


Number of shares depends on your hash rate and pool difficulty settings, if pool setting is high, than you find it less, but shares have higher value…

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awesome thanks for the explanation

I mine on nanopool too and I get same amout of sol/s as shares per hour, you should be getting aroung 165-180 shares an hour, so having 22 in a hour is VERY VERY low and highly under average.

I can see your latency is high, is your pc properly connected to the internet? I get 20-40ms latency through ethernet cable. 312ms → wifi? mobile connection?

You are right, i looked to my nanopool history, and llast week i do with old test GPU R9 280 (198sols/s) about 210 shares in one hour.