Hold or sell ? (Market turmoil)

OK so loving the whole mining thing its alot of fun, however with the price falling and hashrate increasing for a small time miner like me (100hashrate) im thinking off selling the few zec i have and investing in some of the other coins. Also looking at getting into mining the smaller coins as a long term investment . Good idea ?

where can i find the market price? do you know why it’s falling? also, how would i go about determining my own hashrate? (i know i should be answering your question in this thread but i figure what the hell lol. i’m a big newb obviously)

are tou mining in a pool ?

like for supernova u just log in to dashboard while mining and it shows up. also u will see it in your mining software

not yet, i literally just finished installing elementary on an additional HD i had laying around. just installing ZCash right now! strange, though, cuz somebody else just suggested joining a mining pool instead of solo mining. mining is already that saturated by big players?!

Yeh man you need to do a bit of reading :stuck_out_tongue:

Solo mining is worthless unless you have a mining farm

Join a pool :slight_smile:

any suggestions for pools? and for essential reading material?

supply & demand, simple economics… anyone here can tell you, it was to start off high then bottom out after a few months and then climb back up, but i dont think anyone here estimated anything near the prices we are seeing now… so sell because you cant fight basic economics :slight_smile:

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