Sell / Hold ZEC

Based on the current price of BTC and ZEC, and future expectations of prices - what are your theories on whether to HOLD mined ZED or immediately SELL off as it’s mined? Or perhaps you’re BUY’ing and grabbing whatever you can get.

Just curious what other folks are thinking!


Based on scarcity and interest, I see no option but to hold…

Great point - was thinking the same.

Also hard to consider though it not reaching at least parity with BTC.

I am selling all my zec as i get it, the price is amazing right now and very profitable. after this slow start the amount of coins will increase very fast.
Im holding bitcoin as it has been steadily rising for a while now and is more commercially accepted


Right now I’m using NiceHash to get BTC directly for it. The coin is highly valued right now and the price will tank in the coming month, hence I’m using NiceHash.

i’m holding my zec for now, it looks like i underestimated interest in it…

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how much are you making through nicehash and how much hash do you have?

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thanks for the info, i will have to see if its more profitable doing it this way then trading on poloniex!

From my calculations, I’m making about 10-20% less. But it’s so profitable compared to eth right now that playing it safe makes it worth the loss.

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are you using the nicehash gui client?, I would like to use genoil 4.2 for my gpus as it gives about twice /sol then the nicehash gpu miner (r9 290 + rx 470) , can you mine with genoil but on a nicehash pool and get rewarded btc?

Is anyone interested in larger ZEC buy / sell forward contracts?

Yes, you can. You can do that for all NH miner selling on any currency. You should be able to use any miner you’d like.

I’m not so sure that you’re really getting twice as fast with Genoil. I’m running faster with R9 390’s. You may be confused since the Genoil miner gives the total for both, while the NH miner doesn’t give a total - just single per GPU. The aggregate value is the same, however, on the server side.

Mine to an exchange with autosell - Say Bittrex? or what’s the name?
Instant sell for bitcoin, nice-hash you are more or less renting your rig out…

As the price falls, however, you may end up getting a higher payout/reward with Nicehash based on excitement and speculation. And by the time you accumulate pool mining rewards, then exchange for BTC, the price may have fallen even further. Just one way to look at it given the downward movement on price.

Personally, I’m pool mining. But that’s just me.