Starting new pool? Anyone?

Hey Guys,

I’m not new to crypto, but I am to mining. I thought it was a fun idea to setup a mining pool. To see how it works, to learn how you promote it etc.

I’m looking for someone that might be interested in this and has a lot of knowledge on the mining/hardware side of things. I’m experience with coding and sysadmin stuff.

This could be fun and hopefully there will be some reward.


i have no idea how to create a pool but i’m in haha

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Do you have mining experience and have hashpower available?

PS: I like the positive attitude

yeah just started with a few cards since three weeks, that’s about it. you’re looking to create something like flypool?

That’s correct. To learn and to have fun :slight_smile:

make sure you have experience with ddos protection, a lot of pool get ddos attacks

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And that is why I never made a pool.

I may join. Just get some ddos protection and stability and I shall look at it.

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A good starting point:

i’m wondering how much traffic a mining pool takes, and what kind of vps you would need. interesting project, i’m tempted but i got to say no, because i wont have time for it unfortunately

You can always add your miners to the pool :wink:

Yeah I know! Thanks for the heads up

lol, yes, keep us updated over here. thing is, normally i tend to go with the biggest mining pools. unless there might be something very unique on a mining pool that makes it worthwhile, i dont see a point on joining a smaller pool.

That’s why I thought to have a mining pool strictly for anonymous currencies. A part of the fee would be used to fund community projects.

Thinking out loud here

Hi Prezzz! That could be a fun project for the learning experience yes :slight_smile: Just wondering here, how would this be different from following the steps described here: Set up your own private stratum pool ? Anyway, keep me in the loop :slight_smile:

Started a telegram channel for those with interest!

The first version is online and can be checked here

Currently 25% of the 1% fee will be used for community projects or to encourage people to build upon zcash.

Watch out, this is experimental and we are still testing out stuff.

If you have some mining power left, it would be good to mine a block and see how it goes from there!

looking good, i like the colors

How will the app work that I see is in development

I’m using GitHub - z-classic/z-nomp: z-nomp is mining pool software for Zcash and Zclassic so you can create internet money in your home! as the pool script.

The app is not done yet, so we have to wait. It’s not something that I’ve done myself.