How can define profit

how can i define profit in usd from any cpu
because when i use the cryptocompare site it give hight price like when i put 200mh/s it give me in result Profit per day $ 140.36 K ,why
how can i define profit from any cpu

Zcash is mined on a different algorithm than Ethereum.

200 MEGA hashes is close to the upper end of a GPU rig mining Ethereum.

However, 200 MEGA hashes for Zcash is astronomically high and nearly impossible.

A miner that gets 200mh/s on ethereum typically only gets about 1.6kh/s on zcash.

There are plenty of benchmark sites that provide CPU and GPU hash rates so you can check to see which one matches yours.

so can you give some sites from calcul diffirent hash cpu