ZCash mining versus other coins

Hi all,

So I’m a pretty novice miner and have been primarily doing ETH mining since I started. When the difficulty started increasing I have been searching around for alternatives to mine to keep up an revenue stream

My rig is 6x1070s ( various models can get them if it’s important)

From reading online I’ve been hearing that for full nvidia rigs that zcash is more profitable so I started looking into it. I was trialing out a few settings to see what was the most profitable overclocking and I’m not really enjoying what I’m seeing.

For starters I’m using Ethereum as my baseline , my reason is even if it’s not the most profitable it’s very liquid and it’s what I was mining before

Current Eth calculations

  • Power(including rig) : 790

  • Hash Rate : 186

  • Estimated profit per month: €200 was acttauly €226 when I started typing this last night :slight_smile:

So I started off tweaking trying to get the higher Sol/w ratio I could get ( would usually be around 4.0) but the profits just aren’t adding up.

For reference I was doing Core clock ~2000Mhz and Memory Clock 4100MHz. I found if i pushed the Core clock higher the stability went to crap.

For example:

No under-volting I could get 460-470 per card but the power consumption was crazy high

  • Power(including rig) : 1100W

  • Hash Rate: 2750 Sol

  • Estimated profit per month: €221 | price of this last night was €178

With under-volting

  • Power ( including rig) : 720W

  • Hash Rate: 2450 Sol

  • Estimated profit per month: €222 ( can only have 2 links in a post ) | fyi price of this last night was €184

Is there something I’m doing wrong ? From what I’ve read online the 1070 seems to peak around 470 Sol , if that’s true then I’d need to pull 2750 Sol with a power draw of 750W. But that’s only to equal the already not-so-great-to-mine ETH ( last nights price).

If there’s any advice or information you could give me to help me I’d very much appreciate it!
For reference my overlock Settings were around

  • core clock : 1700
  • memory clock: 4100
  • power limit: 50% to 75% ( essentially to limit the card at 120w maximum)

Is there better settings I should be using ?

What miner are you using?

OK… depending on what kind of price you are paying for electricity where you live, you are either going for maximum efficiency (hi electricity price) or maximum hash-rate (low electricity price).

I recommend using EWBFs miner and use the --pec switch in your bat file. It will give you real time efficiency. if you don’t already use it, get MSI afterburner. Set all your 1070s at core stock or maybe + 50, but set all the memory clocks to at least +700. I have a few nicer 1070s that will do +800 (Gigabyte G1 gaming).

Then as you gradually lower the powerlimit slider you will usually encounter a spot where they drop off (in hash rate) dramatically and just above that is your sweet spot. Sometimes it is around 120W but not always. I have had 1070s that are still doing 440sol at 105W but conversely I have also seen 1070s doing 390sol at 130W. You have to tweak them individuallly but if you do and find their little idiosyncratic things - I think they are the best ZCash mining cards available right now. If they weren’t rare to find for sale I would buy 20 of them.